Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend recap

friday i didnt workout. but, i spent the evening cuddled up on the swing out back with jason, watching the fire glow in the fire pit. we havent spent an evening together for quite a while, and it was really nice.

saturday was good, jason cleaned the refidgerator for me, and the kitchen floor (because he dumped my coffee from the top shelf of the fridege all over everything, including breaking the glass.) i had a nice work out to the end of 27 dresses (i put it on my wish list). 64 minutes 5.58 miles 671 calories

today was hard. as soon as church got out we changed and went to the lake so jason could swim and ride. i watched the bike for him while he was in the water. then i got emma home and in bed, and george fed and lost all desire to work out. so i napped. an hour on the couch and a piece of chocolate later i was at the gym and looking for something good on tv when jason called and needed me back at home because george was crying. i had been there for 8 minutes. i was irritated. really irritated. when i got home, george was just fine and just needed to go to sleep. so after talking to jason a few minutes about how i was feeling, he said he was alright to keep the kids again while i tried to squeeze in a few more minutes. (see, we were going to start helping in the youth group tonight at 6, and it was just after 4 when i left the first time. the second time it was almost 5, and i would need time to shower after my workout before we wen to church.) i lowered the ramp and upped my resistance and pushed hard for twenty minutes to make my time worth it. once i was finished, i felt better. 20 minutes 1.67 miles 255 calories

total 28 minutes 2.27 miles 343 calories

i think this week ive learned that i need my workout time just as much for my mental health as for my physical health. im looking forward to a long hard workout tomorrow, and a walk to the park for emma.

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