Tuesday, August 31, 2010

mornings at the gym

the gym is quiet in the morning. its nice. saturday i got up with my 8 am alarm and went to work out while jason stayed with the sleeping kids.

30 minutes 2.5 miles 370 calories

i am in a bit of a 30 minute funk lately, and really need to stick it out past 30 to get back to enjoying the longer workouts. i know that in my head, i just dont want to do it.

my mom is in town this weekend, and she decided to spend sunday with jason and i, so after church i took her to the gym with me.

30 minutes 2.32 miles 345 calories

we talked about what it takes to loose weight, weather i enjoy being at the gym, and just general things like that. i didnt want to go, because i knew mom wanted to hang out with us so i just decided to ask her to come along and i think that worked out well.

yesterday was small group, and a very busy day of errand running and sewing and crocheting gifts, but today i plan to be back at the rec. i really do want to get back in my evening habit. oh, and a note on tomorrow. tomorrows weight seems promising. i am encouraged by that. i can have an off week or two and i am capable of getting back to it. it should be a nice little affirmation for me in the morning.

Friday, August 27, 2010

seriously lacking motivation

i wanted to go to the gym.
jason got off early.
i no longer wanted to go to the gym.
i knew i needed to go to the gym.
i decided to go tomorrow.
i felt guilty.
i decided to run around the block.

12 minutes 1 mile 150 calories later

and i feel SO much better. i would have gone farther, but i had to come home to potty. :| tmi, i know, but its life. but i did it! a mile out side in 12 minutes! and off to the gym tomorrow i go.

half life

george is 12 weeks old (yesterday) and i have been working out for half of his little life, and i have already lost the 38 pounds i gained carrying him! what an accomplishment. now, lets see if i can get the rest of me back in the "nine months to gain the weight, nine months to loose it."

the last couple weeks have been a lot more difficult, with family visiting, being out of town, and out of town again, and family visiting again... my calendar is just not as red as id like it to be. that said, i did go yesterday evening, after watching jesses boys for a few hours while he bought and built a futon for mom to sleep on (she drove in last night) he kept my kiddos while i spent 40 minutes at the gym.

40 minutes 3.35 miles 500 calories

i think i want to try and pace a 12.25 minute mile and see if i can get three of them in. i can do it on the elliptical, i almost always do, but i just dont know if i can run it. but if i can, then i can do another 5k! id like to do a 5k in under 40 minutes. and it would just be nice if i could actually run with jason sometimes.

an update on the schedule, i go up on time this morning (early actually, g woke up to eat around 615, so i fed him and then just got up) and had some quiet time after folding a load of laundry. i had breakfast, did the dishes, and cleaned the counters before 9 when i got emma up. then she was changed and fed and i finished up wiping down cabinets and swept and mopped the kitchen. then on to the living room, all the toys are put away and furniture is de-cluttered (still working on the bar behind he couch). emma went down for an early nap, george slept late, then took his nap right on time at 1230 without a fuss. and i remembered lunch on time! so today is going quite well id say.

i want to catch up on my cleaning, so that next week i can get back to just a few things each day. i even figured out how i can do just one load of laundry each day and even take a day or two off! what i havent figured out, is how to get in effective work out time each day. i did some squats and lunges while i got dressed this morning. but its going to take a little more than that to loose 50 more pounds. :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

a scedule

i am TERRIBLE at following a scedule. but id like to be better. so im trying to make one. so far i an 2 for 3 on following it. i did NOT get up with my alarm this morning, i slept quite late. but, i did get emma and george both to nap at 1230, and got lasagna started just like i wanted to. oh, but i forgot to eat lunch on time, so i guess thats 2 for 4.

im working on it, i dont like it, but i know that life will be simpler with a schedule.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

just blah.

197.2 today for a loss of 0.2 pounds this week. im still not sure how i feel about it. i did loose a couple inches this week. im off this week. so todays goal? get my head back in the game.

16.2 pounds lost, 48.8 to go.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

day 42, a rough week

43 minutes 3.57 miles 525 calories

jason encouraged me to go workout tonight (simply by asking if i was going to do it) so even though i had a late dinner i waited a half hour and went to the rec. tomorrows wednesday and i am having a little bit of a hard time with how i feel about the numbers tomorrow. i feel so great dropping a size in 6 weeks. (really more than a size, because my 16s were snug for a while when i finally started wearing them.) and because my numbers this week have been so-so, and a trip home with lots of fast food and not a lot of moving doesnt make me very confident about any weight loss. but im not sure i am disappointed by that... i dont know.

so we will see what tomorrow brings.

a new size

i did make it to the gym. i stayed till i hit my 500 calories then headed home to spend jasons last free evening with him. (his first class is today at 430.)

40 minutes 3.35 miles 500 calories
(edit: i also mowed the lawn yesterday. so that makes for a little more calorie burn.)

but more importantly, i am for sure in a size 14 jean now. i got out my second pair this morning and they are comfy and new feeling, and i love them.

Monday, August 23, 2010

i dont want to be, but im here, and ready to get in a workout. hope its a good one.

last summer hurrah

wednesday night, august 18, 45 minutes 3.75 miles, 550 calories

and i havent been to the gym since.

this weekend was family reunion at home in oregon and what a busy quicky trip it was. i packed thursday night, jason got off early friday and we drove till 1 am pacific time to get home. then visited gramma davis, went ot family reunion and got to see two old friends, went to roseburg to see brayden and meet patty and maureen, came back home to see ash and two of her boys, then out to gramma maddux's house and we saw jr and tammy too, then home again for dinner and sleep. sunday morning we packed, went to church and caught jim and ginny just as they were arriving and caught up with several people after service. then we finished packing, had lunch with mom and dad, anna and her kids, gram and tony and his kids and drove away at 230 pm pacific time, to get back to idaho this morning (monday) at 2am mountain time. guh.

it was a great trip, i just wish we had a little more time.

on a more relative note to the blog, i ate something saturday night or sunday that upset my stomach all day sunday, and its just starting to feel better today. i think its possible that my body is just used to eating so many veggies and fresh things that the fast food i had over the drives and lack of fresh veggies (my own choice) at meals this weekend just gave me a tummy ache. so that was a good and bad thing. nice to know ive been making better choices long enough for my body to know the difference, just wish i didnt feel so crummy.

jasons first day of class is tomorrow (todays class was canceled) and thats when we get back into our new routine, so wish us luck!

and one last bit of good news, i am wearing new jeans. i went shopping in my closet for a pair of size 14s and found an almost brand new pair to wear today. :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

at the doctor

mattie wasnt going to make me be weighed today! but she said if i wanted to know, she would, so we did. and 198 was the sweet little number. :) so im a happy girl.

today is the day that the lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it

there are a few things i want to touch on today, so im making a list to be sure i dont miss anything.

all the babies (or) how God works
wednesday weight
before and after

okay, we'll start with that.

i found out yesterday morning that my friend cassie had her baby during the night. a (not so) little boy. both our kids are about 10 weeks apart, first girls, then boys. i was so excited for her. then i saw that friends of mine have a brand new nephew, born yesterday morning and such a precious tiny tiny (5 pound) gift from God through adoption. as i read a little about the waiting for that little boy, and the process the family has gone through i started to think about a certain 4 year old boy who has been heavy on my heart. talking to heidi via gmail chat yesterday i felt so overwhelmed by the power of giving God control. all three of these boys come from different situations, but all three of them have been prayed for and loved from the moment they became. God knew (knows) the best place for them and if we just pay attention, its clear that he is in control. ill repeat what i said to heidi yesterday, im trying to pay attention.

i have no segway for this, but on the just the facts, by the numbers front, its wednesday. but first i want you to SEE whats been happening. here is the "before" picture i posted in july, george was three days old. i was 235 when i delivered, so probably closer to 225 here than the 213.4 that i started with july 14, but thats not the point. my point is to see where ive come in 5 weeks. the other pictures are from saturday night in mccall this weekend, and from this morning.

this makes me happy. last wednesday i weighted 200 pounds. today, august 18 i weigh 197.4. thats 2.6 pounds this week (!) and a 5 week total of 15.6 pounds. i also lost a total of three more inches from my waist, arms and legs. but its so much more than that. i weighed 197 when i got pregnant with george. that means ive lost 38 pounds since i delivered. wow. and, you cant see it but im wearing a size 14 black corduroy skirt in that photo today. i havent worn a size 14 since before emma was born. but my face! its not round anymore. yes, the photo of george and i is just a good angle for my nose and chin, but i have a chin! this is what i am working for, this is what i need to see to stay with it.

and what a great feeling it was this morning to step on the scale after such a hectic week and not making it to the gym, and eating meals out... and to still see a difference. i am encouraged. i am excited. i am under 200 pounds, and i am motivated to stay there from now on.

one last thing. i see dr anstine again today, to check my mirena and make sure we are all good there. whenever mattie weighs me, she has to move the scale over from the 150 mark, to the 200 mark in order to get my weight. i had hoped that today, i could be back at the 150 mark. so, as weight fluctuates throughout the day and depending on clothing, we will see if that happens today. but even if it doesnt, i am encouraged. 4 weeks ago at the doctor i weighted 209, and i am sure thats not where i will be today.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

day 35: getting back on track

30 minutes 2.5 miles 375 calories

i went to the gym tonight, but didnt stay as long as i had originally planned. i needed to buy milk, and wanted to get home to spend some more time with jason getting our house put back together (we are rearranging again) so i quit early and came home. i have resigned myself to no weight loss this week, but, plan to get back on track. tonight was my start. so, we will see what tomorrow brings.

so, i didnt go. so what?

after having so much time as family this weekend, i wasnt quite ready to give that up last night. when jason said he was planning to go for a run at 630, i said, wanna push the stroller? so we went together. emma complained about the sun "eyes. eyes. eeyyyeeessss." and george fussed then cried. and i got a blister on my foot. (i love these running shoes. i really do. but i always get a blister at the top of my arch when i run. elip is fine, walking for miles and miles is fine, but running in them hurts my foot. lame.) so i pushed the kids and jason ran sprints back and forth to us for the last half mile.

but actually, it was a lot of fun. i used the gmaps ped and came up with a total of 2.3 miles and approx. 340 calories. i didnt check the time, jason was wearing his watch but didnt tell me. and a preview of tomorrows weight looks like im hanging out at 200 still. no gain is good considering the food and lack of exercise this week, but it sure doesnt get me any closer to my goal either. i did move around some furniture last night. we re arranged our room. so that counts as a few more calories burned, yes? and the gym and i definitely have a date tonight.

Monday, August 16, 2010

an unexpected week off

i have not set aside work out time since last wednesday's 20 minutes of yoga. and i kind of feel like yoga is a cheater workout (for me, because i use it as back up when i cant go to the gym, and dont want a day off.) so, that puts my goals into an interesting situation.

we spent the weekend in mccall at jasons aunt and uncles cabin and had a nice quiet relaxing time. we ate out at two of our favorite places there, and walked emma to the subdivision pool and had coffees, it was nice. but no workout. so tonight i am hoping to get to the gym early enough to really put in some good time (60 minute minimum) and give this week a little jump start.

good signs are still happening, i am wearing my running short i bought last summer when heidi and i were running. this is the first time they have fit since i got pregnant. and only 3 pounds to loose till i am at my pre george pregnancy weight. then just ten more to pre emma. so we are on our way.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

in "shape"

something i forgot about loosing weight is the weird way our bodies change. i measured myself last week and again yesterday at several different points: around my upper arm, just under my bust, at my natural waist and at my belly button, around my hips/butt, and around my upper thigh. in the last week i lost a total of 4 inches all over the place. but in the last 4 weeks, i have lost more inches from my natural waist and above than anywhere else. i can tell by the way my clothes fit and how i look in the mirror.

the weird thing about this is the stretched out baggy skin and extra weight that hangs weirdly from my belly button down. as my waist gets skinnier i seem to notice this more and more, and while i know there is no way to target weight loss in a specific area, i would really like to see some of that shed a little quicker. its starting to get on my nerves, and for now, it is more difficult than usual to choose clothes that are the most flattering to my body.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

exercise tv

hulu has an exercise tv channel that has some shortish yoga routines. jason went in late this morning to work because of his fingerprinting appointment, so he was late getting home and i have no time to go to the gym. so hulu. 20 minutes of stress reducing stretching yoga tonight and i feel pretty good.

triple tag

im pretty sure this is my first triple tag entry. so, lets start with the radical change.

in my head i hear curtis (a man at our church who i adore, and who has chosen to encourage and praise jason and i in everything we do) telling me "prayer works." we shared with him several months ago (like, more than 6) about braydens situation and our possible involvement and he has been praying for us ever since. i got to tell him on sunday that we had received paperwork for him, and how quick the dates were coming and he told me what he always tells me, that he would write it in his book, and that prayer works. and here is an example of just that:

i drove to boise yesterday morning/afternoon to drop off paperork at anstines office that needs filled out as part of my application process. afterward, the kids nad i had lunch with jason and then came back home so they could nap. while they were sleeping, i filled out my background check online and at the end when i needed to schedule an appointment for finger printing i found out that it is nearly impossible to get it done in less than three weeks. there was one opening, in an hour, in boise, and that was it until the 25th. so in a rush, i called to get a couple questions answered (did i need it notarized, where do i go...) and woke up and changed both kids and put them back in the car to drive in to boise again. we made it. but how was jason ever going to get his done? i filled out his background check online last night, and when i went to schedule an appointment for him, there was an opening in nampa at 1040 this morning. praise God. so he told his boss he would be in late to work and got fingerprinted this morning.

i dont know what is going to happen, but i know that im going to do whatever it takes to try and make a home for him. i told jason last night there are so many things i dont know how to do for a little boy. when we go out and he needs to use the bathroom, do i let him go into the mens restroom alone, or do i take him with me into the womens? does he know how to swim? has he ever been to the dentist? i have so many questions, but then i remember that i have gina, and jeni, and shawna who i know will be more than willing to help me out when i dont know what to do.

on the struggle front, we have had family here since thursday evening, and they just went home yesterday morning. its been a hard week for work outs and proper eating. i skipped two days this week, and several of the days i did go, i wasnt all in. last night was probably the worst, because my head was so focused on getting all our paperwork filled out. i still needed to write my biography, and i really wanted to get everything finished knowing that the sooner its done, the sooner idaho and oregon and get their acts together. anyway, so its been a hard week for workouts and my <200 pound goal was looking a little out of reach.

30 minutes 2.5 miles 372 calories

and that brings me to wednesday. thats today. last week i weighed 202.4 pounds, and today i weigh 200 pounds. that 2.4 pounds lost, for a 4 week total of 13.4 pounds. its good. 2.4 is good. 2.6 is what i need to average to make my goal, but 2.4 is good. at the end of the year, its only a difference of about 5 pounds. and, just because its been less the last two weeks, doesnt mean im not capable of pushing a little harder, and watching my food a little better, and making that difference. whats a fifth of a pound anyway? 700 calories? i can do that.

i first remember actually hearing this son when jim was still unresponsive the week before easter and i was so heartbroken. since then, i love hearing the reminder that im not doing any of this on my own. God is in control of braydens life, and he will protect him.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

last comic falling down

when i got inside, i realised it was monday, not tuesday. that meant that last comic standing was on tv. ob boy was i in for it. tom papas, host of the marriage ref was one of the guest comedians on the finale of the marriage ref and i nearly fell off the elliptical because i was laughing so hard. and boy was i embarrassed. but, it was worth it. i got in a great workout, and actually enjoyed it because of the great comedy.

65 minutes 5.27 miles 787 calories
1.75 mile walk to the park and back

now for the other big stuff going on, i have spent the weekend filling out home study paperwork for dept of health and welfare in idaho. i have the financial report, a short biography answering about seven questions, and a report from a physician to complete before its finished. but the basic application, and the questionnaire are both complete. all these things, including a back ground check and fingerprinting (which i also need to fill out still) must b complete by the 18th for the state of idaho. and idaho must complete the home study by september 9 for the state of oregon. i am excited and nervous. its a lot of change that could happen very soon, but i love that little boy and i just want him to be happy and to grow up healthy.

Monday, August 9, 2010

its 8. im at the rec parkinglot. i dont want to be here, and i dont want to workout, but im going to.

im not slacking, i promise

i have been getting to the gym (i did take two days off, but thats it) i just havent been getting to my computer to log my time. so lets go back a bit.
friday 8/6 55 minutes 4.45 miles 660 calories
saturday 8/7 65 minutes 5.28 miles 743 calories
sunday 8/8 no workout, just some family time and some errand running
monday 8/9 (thats today) a walk to the park and back, 1.75 miles and i hope to go to the gym tonight for a good work out. i would LOVE to be under 200 pounds wednesday morning.

ive been doing okay with food, though, we did have pizza at aunt kris' house, and yesterday jason and i stopped at dairy queen for a quick dinner on the way home. at home ive been doing a good job of getting in lots of fruits and veggies, and i just need to drink a little more water.

also, i keep forgetting to mention an update on my goal to smile more. at church a couple weeks ago, gayla said to me that i always look so relaxed, like i have everything together and she really liked that. :) it made my day. it was just about a week after i made my goal to smile more.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

its only thursday? day 22

first off, there are two small gremlins that someone allowed access to water running about the house. i think they are going to grow into terrible monsters by morning unless they actually go to sleep. i hope my cleaning and putting things away pays off and theres not too much to get into while everyone else is asleep.

an back to regular programing, i am TIRED. im going to take my iron tomorrow, and see if maybe that helps. but it could just be stress of all this tidying up in such short notice. (i am a messy person, married to a messy person, and i have two kids to help make messes. and i hate to clean. its a disaster zone here.) i skipped yesterdays workout in favor of helping jason build bunk beds and rearrange furniture and all that, but i managed to run away for a bit tonight (as soon as the family got here) for 41.5 minutes 3.37 miles and 500 calories. i quit at 500 in order to come home and be sociable, but im not planning on doing the same thing tomorrow. tomorrow i am going to need the time away to regroup after a day with load family. (dont read all this the wrong way, i am actually glad to have family here, its just that im also very busy every weekend this month, and that makes me tired.)

so, that said, i have diapers to run through the wash and a bed that misses me.

a day off, kinda

i was exhausted yesterday after all of georges crying, and trying to get the house rearranged and ready for three more kids to be here the next five days. so, by the time jason got home, mowed his dads lawn, and got home again it was 830 and i was just finishing getting dinner ready. no work out for me.

today i have some more cleaning to do, and grocery shopping before the family shows up. and im still watching emma like a hawk to see if any little red spots appear. shes definitely perky ad hungry today though, so im pretty sure her mouth is sore free. her toosh has a few, but im thinking they are diaper rash related since theres been no fever or mouth blisters yet. i hope.

and i told jason it was very important to me to get to the gym today, so i think he will be home in time for me to get in a good work out, even if its after his sister gets here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a second work out and wednesday weight

i came home early enough to squeeze in a few more minutes at the gym last night, so ill add 25 minutes 2.01 miles and 303 calories to what i posted yesterday for a total of 90 minutes 7.34 miles 1111 calories. all in all a good day. (on the work out front anyways. while emma and george were at jesse and sarahs, they were exposed to hand foot and mouth disease, so now i have to watch for that to pop up in the next 2-5 days. joy.)

and today is wednesday. i stepped on the scale this morning and saw a lovely little number, 202.4 pounds. thats 2.2 pounds lost this week, and a three week total of 11 pounds. wahoo! just think, a gallon of milk weighs about 8.5 pounds. i can imagine carrying a gallon around for a while, it would make me tired. well, theres a little more than one gone. in those terms, ive got a little more than six left. :) well, i passed the ten pound mark, and only 54 more to go! im looking forward to being less than 200 next week, so that means i need to push hard this week, and no pizza like last weekend. it was jasons pick, and i didnt eat as much as i would have liked to, but i definitely didnt get the veggies and water in at those two meals either.

also, i measured myself yesterday (which i totally should have done to start with, because then i would already see a change in my waist size, because i have a skirt that fits better now, but anyways, i didnt.) and next week i will see where some of these pounds are coming off of.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

almost a habit and sunday night

its been almost three weeks, so that means i almost have a habit. :) i was at the rec last night before 8 which was super nice, and stuck with my new setting on the rec of lower incline increased resistance and whew was i tired. 65 minutes 5.25 miles 786 calories.

jasons working late tonight, and i have a baby shower at 7 at the church so im not sure ill get to go to the gm this evening so i asked jesse to keep the kids for me this morning. it was nice to workout earlier in the day, but while i was there sarah called to tell me they discovered jesse jay has hand foot and mouth so emmas been exposed to it... yay. they kept him in another room and lysoled all the toys and whatnot, but now i need to watch her the next few days and see if anything develops. but the time at the gym was well spent. 65 minutes 5.33 miles 808 calories. and, if jason gets home at a reasonable time tonight, then i will get in a second workout before i weigh tomorrow. this weekend didnt look great, but today my weight looked like i would be on track for a couple pounds lost. we will just have to wait and see tomorrow i guess.

one more thing, jason and i decided to start working with the youth group at church. todd asked me a couple weeks ago if that was something we might be willing to do and i decided that if he needed help so those teens can have the support they need, then we will absolutely do it. both of us felt comfortable and excited about whats happening with the youth group, and im looking forward to stepping up and leading one of the groups of girls.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

weekend recap

friday i didnt workout. but, i spent the evening cuddled up on the swing out back with jason, watching the fire glow in the fire pit. we havent spent an evening together for quite a while, and it was really nice.

saturday was good, jason cleaned the refidgerator for me, and the kitchen floor (because he dumped my coffee from the top shelf of the fridege all over everything, including breaking the glass.) i had a nice work out to the end of 27 dresses (i put it on my wish list). 64 minutes 5.58 miles 671 calories

today was hard. as soon as church got out we changed and went to the lake so jason could swim and ride. i watched the bike for him while he was in the water. then i got emma home and in bed, and george fed and lost all desire to work out. so i napped. an hour on the couch and a piece of chocolate later i was at the gym and looking for something good on tv when jason called and needed me back at home because george was crying. i had been there for 8 minutes. i was irritated. really irritated. when i got home, george was just fine and just needed to go to sleep. so after talking to jason a few minutes about how i was feeling, he said he was alright to keep the kids again while i tried to squeeze in a few more minutes. (see, we were going to start helping in the youth group tonight at 6, and it was just after 4 when i left the first time. the second time it was almost 5, and i would need time to shower after my workout before we wen to church.) i lowered the ramp and upped my resistance and pushed hard for twenty minutes to make my time worth it. once i was finished, i felt better. 20 minutes 1.67 miles 255 calories

total 28 minutes 2.27 miles 343 calories

i think this week ive learned that i need my workout time just as much for my mental health as for my physical health. im looking forward to a long hard workout tomorrow, and a walk to the park for emma.