Monday, August 23, 2010

last summer hurrah

wednesday night, august 18, 45 minutes 3.75 miles, 550 calories

and i havent been to the gym since.

this weekend was family reunion at home in oregon and what a busy quicky trip it was. i packed thursday night, jason got off early friday and we drove till 1 am pacific time to get home. then visited gramma davis, went ot family reunion and got to see two old friends, went to roseburg to see brayden and meet patty and maureen, came back home to see ash and two of her boys, then out to gramma maddux's house and we saw jr and tammy too, then home again for dinner and sleep. sunday morning we packed, went to church and caught jim and ginny just as they were arriving and caught up with several people after service. then we finished packing, had lunch with mom and dad, anna and her kids, gram and tony and his kids and drove away at 230 pm pacific time, to get back to idaho this morning (monday) at 2am mountain time. guh.

it was a great trip, i just wish we had a little more time.

on a more relative note to the blog, i ate something saturday night or sunday that upset my stomach all day sunday, and its just starting to feel better today. i think its possible that my body is just used to eating so many veggies and fresh things that the fast food i had over the drives and lack of fresh veggies (my own choice) at meals this weekend just gave me a tummy ache. so that was a good and bad thing. nice to know ive been making better choices long enough for my body to know the difference, just wish i didnt feel so crummy.

jasons first day of class is tomorrow (todays class was canceled) and thats when we get back into our new routine, so wish us luck!

and one last bit of good news, i am wearing new jeans. i went shopping in my closet for a pair of size 14s and found an almost brand new pair to wear today. :)

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