Thursday, December 30, 2010

im on vacation

so wednesday weight is a day late.
(i said i wasnt even going to worry about it this week, so i guess good on me for putting it up at all. so there.)

yesterday morning (on larry and andies scale, so we are questioning accuracy and im loosing consistency, but again, boo) i weighed 174 pounds. im happy with that.

also, yesterday, i tried on, and purchased size 8 levis from khols. (i bought some 8s from walmart of levis, but their shoot of the brand tends to run big, so they are really closer to my tens. these are true 8s.) i am also happy with that!

happy new year guys. i am thrilled to enter 2011 weighing less than 175, wearing a size 8, and happy. its the best start to a new year ive had in a while.

Monday, December 27, 2010

a change this week

i made the decision when i packed for our week (+) in california, to leave the scale at home. this may be a poor choice, looking at last weeks pound gain, but i dont think so.

i want to enjoy our vacation, and the break from responsibilities, and i did not want to dwell on my every choice like i need to to lose. so, i know i have eaten a lot of sweets and good food (because the food is good, and abundant, and best of all, i dont have to prepare it) and i expect i might gain another pound this week.

i am paying attention to how my clothes fit, and how i feel. and i am trying to eat more of things that i knew to be better for me from my meals. when we get home again in a week, i will return my focus to meal planning, and also getting in time at the gym. ( i am thinking i will shoot for twice a week, but have not decided for sure yet.)

there is a scale here, and i do plan to weigh myself, but it will not be part of my record, because scales all tend to weigh differently and this one here has a reputation for being off often.

merry christmas. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a first

i gained one pound this week. this morning i weigh 175.4 pounds.

that said, today had been a great day for paying attention to what i am eating.

also, i have not had a time of devotion for (you guessed it) several weeks now. i miss it. i am disconnected, and i can change that.

i am sad that i now have a gain for the first time since i began in july, but it happens. and now i move on.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

what a struggle this week has been

i know that i have gained weight this week. i have had a very difucult 2 weeks trying to regain control of my eating habits. today was my first sucessfull day in those 2 weeks. but, today is tuesday, and one day of eating well doesnt not make up for the other 6.

so when i weigh in the morning i will not be surprised to see a larger number than last week, but i will be determined to continue taking back the control over what goes in my body.

so i just wanted it out there that it hasnt slipped my notice, i am aware, and i have already begun making the necessary changes.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

sooo slooow

the constant reminder that any amount lost is still progress, and to go this long with constant progress and NO gain is just wonderful, is getting old. come on self, make just a couple better choices during the week, and you will see greater change! it is in your hands! so stop sliding by, and make a wise choice knowing that on wednesday it will pay off.


this morning i weigh 174.4 pounds for a loss of 0.4 pounds this week. (in a week that three nights in a row i KNOW i ate too much. i felt too full, and was disappointed in myself.)

so i am admonishing myself to do better.
while still reminding myself that i am making and maintaining great changes.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the good news, and the better news

174.8 pounds.

thats a pound down this week. i feel like im not putting out any effort, and im still seeing results. this is either complete luck, or i have begun to incorporate positive changes into my everyday life so much so that i dont even notice. i think they are both kind of true.

but thats not even the good news.

i went shopping today and bought size 8 jeans. thats a single digit. i cant remember the last time i wore a size 8. (which means, its probably been ten years. that is a LONG time.) (also, id really like to put on my wedding dress, and feel it loose on me. its a size 12. and when i got married, it just fit. maybe tomorrow. :)

so one pound, and a size 8. im not going to make my goal by christmas, but thats okay.

july 14 i weighed 213.4 pounds. i wanted to loose 65 pounds. today i weigh 174.8 pounds, for a total loss of 38.6 pounds in 21 weeks. that leaves 26.4 pounds to my goal. i can do this!
(especially when i remember that i weighed 235 during my pregnancy, so i have actually lost 60.2 pounds. thats just incredible.)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

what day is it?

well, its not wednesday anymore. but lets pretend for a minute, okay?

after a rough last week, i weighed 177.4 pounds. and today, after thanksgiving weekend, i weigh 175.8 pounds, a loss of 1.6 pounds. pretty fantastic. hello drivers licence and all that.

but now its back to thursday, and i have to get back to my giant to do list. im chipping away. only 1 more thing i wanted done before friday night (my new white shirt, though, i dont think ill wear it. i think ill probably go with the green or blue dress. i dont know.) i finished emmas christmas dress, and her mary, joseph and baby jesus of her nativity dolls for her gift from santa on friday. that was most important.

enough on that. ill just say, i have a lot of sewing going on. a lot even for me. and, its back to my coffee and email before kids get up.