Tuesday, August 17, 2010

so, i didnt go. so what?

after having so much time as family this weekend, i wasnt quite ready to give that up last night. when jason said he was planning to go for a run at 630, i said, wanna push the stroller? so we went together. emma complained about the sun "eyes. eyes. eeyyyeeessss." and george fussed then cried. and i got a blister on my foot. (i love these running shoes. i really do. but i always get a blister at the top of my arch when i run. elip is fine, walking for miles and miles is fine, but running in them hurts my foot. lame.) so i pushed the kids and jason ran sprints back and forth to us for the last half mile.

but actually, it was a lot of fun. i used the gmaps ped and came up with a total of 2.3 miles and approx. 340 calories. i didnt check the time, jason was wearing his watch but didnt tell me. and a preview of tomorrows weight looks like im hanging out at 200 still. no gain is good considering the food and lack of exercise this week, but it sure doesnt get me any closer to my goal either. i did move around some furniture last night. we re arranged our room. so that counts as a few more calories burned, yes? and the gym and i definitely have a date tonight.

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