Wednesday, August 11, 2010

triple tag

im pretty sure this is my first triple tag entry. so, lets start with the radical change.

in my head i hear curtis (a man at our church who i adore, and who has chosen to encourage and praise jason and i in everything we do) telling me "prayer works." we shared with him several months ago (like, more than 6) about braydens situation and our possible involvement and he has been praying for us ever since. i got to tell him on sunday that we had received paperwork for him, and how quick the dates were coming and he told me what he always tells me, that he would write it in his book, and that prayer works. and here is an example of just that:

i drove to boise yesterday morning/afternoon to drop off paperork at anstines office that needs filled out as part of my application process. afterward, the kids nad i had lunch with jason and then came back home so they could nap. while they were sleeping, i filled out my background check online and at the end when i needed to schedule an appointment for finger printing i found out that it is nearly impossible to get it done in less than three weeks. there was one opening, in an hour, in boise, and that was it until the 25th. so in a rush, i called to get a couple questions answered (did i need it notarized, where do i go...) and woke up and changed both kids and put them back in the car to drive in to boise again. we made it. but how was jason ever going to get his done? i filled out his background check online last night, and when i went to schedule an appointment for him, there was an opening in nampa at 1040 this morning. praise God. so he told his boss he would be in late to work and got fingerprinted this morning.

i dont know what is going to happen, but i know that im going to do whatever it takes to try and make a home for him. i told jason last night there are so many things i dont know how to do for a little boy. when we go out and he needs to use the bathroom, do i let him go into the mens restroom alone, or do i take him with me into the womens? does he know how to swim? has he ever been to the dentist? i have so many questions, but then i remember that i have gina, and jeni, and shawna who i know will be more than willing to help me out when i dont know what to do.

on the struggle front, we have had family here since thursday evening, and they just went home yesterday morning. its been a hard week for work outs and proper eating. i skipped two days this week, and several of the days i did go, i wasnt all in. last night was probably the worst, because my head was so focused on getting all our paperwork filled out. i still needed to write my biography, and i really wanted to get everything finished knowing that the sooner its done, the sooner idaho and oregon and get their acts together. anyway, so its been a hard week for workouts and my <200 pound goal was looking a little out of reach.

30 minutes 2.5 miles 372 calories

and that brings me to wednesday. thats today. last week i weighed 202.4 pounds, and today i weigh 200 pounds. that 2.4 pounds lost, for a 4 week total of 13.4 pounds. its good. 2.4 is good. 2.6 is what i need to average to make my goal, but 2.4 is good. at the end of the year, its only a difference of about 5 pounds. and, just because its been less the last two weeks, doesnt mean im not capable of pushing a little harder, and watching my food a little better, and making that difference. whats a fifth of a pound anyway? 700 calories? i can do that.

i first remember actually hearing this son when jim was still unresponsive the week before easter and i was so heartbroken. since then, i love hearing the reminder that im not doing any of this on my own. God is in control of braydens life, and he will protect him.

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