Tuesday, August 31, 2010

mornings at the gym

the gym is quiet in the morning. its nice. saturday i got up with my 8 am alarm and went to work out while jason stayed with the sleeping kids.

30 minutes 2.5 miles 370 calories

i am in a bit of a 30 minute funk lately, and really need to stick it out past 30 to get back to enjoying the longer workouts. i know that in my head, i just dont want to do it.

my mom is in town this weekend, and she decided to spend sunday with jason and i, so after church i took her to the gym with me.

30 minutes 2.32 miles 345 calories

we talked about what it takes to loose weight, weather i enjoy being at the gym, and just general things like that. i didnt want to go, because i knew mom wanted to hang out with us so i just decided to ask her to come along and i think that worked out well.

yesterday was small group, and a very busy day of errand running and sewing and crocheting gifts, but today i plan to be back at the rec. i really do want to get back in my evening habit. oh, and a note on tomorrow. tomorrows weight seems promising. i am encouraged by that. i can have an off week or two and i am capable of getting back to it. it should be a nice little affirmation for me in the morning.

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