Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wednesday weight

157.8 pounds this week.
(and because im not working out right now, the reading here is getting pretty dry. sorry.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wednesday weight

i did remember to step on the scale this morning, and with jasons foot on the back of it i appeared to gain 22 pounds. the stinker. so weight take two, i actually weight 157.0 pounds, two pounds down from last week. whew. im not sure my psyche could handle getting into the 160s again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

i survived one mile

i ran tonight. coming home from grabbing some last minute groceries i thought id grab my running clothes and take the kids from their car seats to the stroller. we jogged a mile around the loop at 10:19, then walked a second mile around the whole neighborhood. it was so nice. then i had an entire bunch of broccoli florets with a little cheese melted on them for dinner. yum. and now i know what time of day works for a run. (at least, until time change in a few weeks.)

Monday, October 17, 2011

fair weather runner

i told jason this weekend as we drove to the farmers market past several people out for walks on a fairly warm fall morning, that i am willing to call myself a runner as long as i qualify it with the term "fair weather". running in the cold bundled with layers of clothing and snot pouring from my ever dripping nose just doesnt sound like fun to me.

that was two days ago. and now im planning a run for this evening. while i still dont want to start out on a training plan, or even make running a regular part of my week, i do know that i need to get out there once in a while just to remind myself that i can. and to enjoy the quiet and now crisp alone time. walking with the kids last week was nice, but just doesnt have the same zing to it that a lonely run does. this morning i am looking forward to a lonely run.

Friday, October 14, 2011

two walks today for a grand total of three miles. one this morning pushing the boys in the stroller around jesses preschool, and another this evening carrying the feverish georgie in the sling and chasing emma around the neighborhood. they were both very nice.

also, i have been very aware of my food, and concious of drinking a glass of water each time i go into the kitchen. and ill take my vitamins just before i go to bed. that makes 4 points today, and the 3 yesterday... seemed like my self powered reward system is working.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

a good start

this morning had a rough beginning, but the day has come to a pretty good end. i took the kids out for a mile and a half walk (with a very flat stroller tire. jason has the compressor. but i was not staying inside any longer.) i swept the house with weights and folded lots of laundry. (like, eight loads of laundry.) i have drank lots of water and taken my vitamins. tomorrow i hope to do all the same things, and actually get up on time.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

no negative talk

this morning i weighed 159. my weight has steadily rose every week. im not happy, but tonight i am choosing a different path. i have noticed a lot of negative self talk lately. when i get dressed, when im sitting on the couch, when im cooking dinner, even sometimes when im talking to jason. and i dont want to go there- so im choosing not to. thats what i weigh, and thats it.

i did come up with a short list of activities and rewards with points. im not set on it, but i am hoping it will be a good starting point. im starting tomorrow.

activities and points
running one mile - 2
jillian dvd - 3
wear wrist weights while sweeping/mopping - 1
wear wrist weights while folding laundry - 1
walk one mile - 1
hydrate, 8 glasses - 0.5
take vitamins - 0.5
get up on time - 0.5

rewards and points
saturday break at the m - 30
buy used book - 15
$1 cash - 6

Monday, October 10, 2011

yes i know what day this is, and no it doesnt add up.

in all 63 weeks, i have not yet been as slack as i have been this week. and not entirely because i forgot to weigh in. wednesday was a busy morning with a dentist appointment and preschool and coffee date- but what about the 4 days since then? well, that was just me.

my weight has been fluctuating. a lot. i have yet to begin exercising again, and while i have been more aware of my eating habits, they have not changed much. i know the math, and i know it doesnt add up the way id like, and that its absolutely my responsibility. but that doesnt make me feel any better about it.

so, on thursday, i weighed 158 pounds. a gain of 0.2 pounds. but on friday, i weighed 156.2 pounds, a loss of 1.6 pounds from the previous week (and 1.8 from the previous day.) see, fluctuating. a lot.

heidi and i talked this week about ways to keep ourselves motivated to move more. she came up with a great idea of assigning point values to different physical activities and then spending those points on rewards. there would be large and small points on each list, and activities that took just a few minutes, and some that were longer. i think its a great idea- but havent taken the time to sit down a write a list. (just like i havent taken the time to write this post.)

wednesday is only a couple (very busy) days away, and this week i have a new goal: write the list. today is pretty full until evening, and i can say the same about tomorrow, but i expect to have something figured out by the time i weigh myself wednesday morning.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

walk to church

i forgot to post about our walk to church and back. so im sneaking this one in. our small group meets at our church on sunday evenings, and it was still so nice out sunday that i decided we would walk. jason pushed the stroller (thank goodness!) and i talked emma into asking her daddy to run fast several times. we had a great time just chatting, and the kids were pretty well behaved too. who knew 4 miles could be such a nice distance for a walk?