Friday, August 27, 2010

half life

george is 12 weeks old (yesterday) and i have been working out for half of his little life, and i have already lost the 38 pounds i gained carrying him! what an accomplishment. now, lets see if i can get the rest of me back in the "nine months to gain the weight, nine months to loose it."

the last couple weeks have been a lot more difficult, with family visiting, being out of town, and out of town again, and family visiting again... my calendar is just not as red as id like it to be. that said, i did go yesterday evening, after watching jesses boys for a few hours while he bought and built a futon for mom to sleep on (she drove in last night) he kept my kiddos while i spent 40 minutes at the gym.

40 minutes 3.35 miles 500 calories

i think i want to try and pace a 12.25 minute mile and see if i can get three of them in. i can do it on the elliptical, i almost always do, but i just dont know if i can run it. but if i can, then i can do another 5k! id like to do a 5k in under 40 minutes. and it would just be nice if i could actually run with jason sometimes.

an update on the schedule, i go up on time this morning (early actually, g woke up to eat around 615, so i fed him and then just got up) and had some quiet time after folding a load of laundry. i had breakfast, did the dishes, and cleaned the counters before 9 when i got emma up. then she was changed and fed and i finished up wiping down cabinets and swept and mopped the kitchen. then on to the living room, all the toys are put away and furniture is de-cluttered (still working on the bar behind he couch). emma went down for an early nap, george slept late, then took his nap right on time at 1230 without a fuss. and i remembered lunch on time! so today is going quite well id say.

i want to catch up on my cleaning, so that next week i can get back to just a few things each day. i even figured out how i can do just one load of laundry each day and even take a day or two off! what i havent figured out, is how to get in effective work out time each day. i did some squats and lunges while i got dressed this morning. but its going to take a little more than that to loose 50 more pounds. :)

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