Thursday, August 5, 2010

a day off, kinda

i was exhausted yesterday after all of georges crying, and trying to get the house rearranged and ready for three more kids to be here the next five days. so, by the time jason got home, mowed his dads lawn, and got home again it was 830 and i was just finishing getting dinner ready. no work out for me.

today i have some more cleaning to do, and grocery shopping before the family shows up. and im still watching emma like a hawk to see if any little red spots appear. shes definitely perky ad hungry today though, so im pretty sure her mouth is sore free. her toosh has a few, but im thinking they are diaper rash related since theres been no fever or mouth blisters yet. i hope.

and i told jason it was very important to me to get to the gym today, so i think he will be home in time for me to get in a good work out, even if its after his sister gets here.

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