Tuesday, July 31, 2012

july miles and a new race, or two.

the last week has been a hard one. but, i managed some miles.

wednesday, 2 miles
thursday, 2.75 on the treadmill, 5 in boise with jason
friday, 2 miles on the treadmill (while watching the opening ceremonies)
saturday, 3 miles (up and down the run trail at jasons race)
sunday, off. i havent taken an off day for more than a week. it was nice.
monday, 4 miles with jason. he came home earlier so that we could run together. its hot out still, but was nice to hang out for a while.

and today is the last day of july. feels weird for july to be over. but- its been a long month. i have put in 86.55 miles so far this month. and whatever i do today. thats a big month.

august is my last month to run as i please without a long run requirement before i officially begin training for another race. two races actually.  i plan to run the new years eve and new years day (thats last years webpage) half marathons with brazen racing while we are in california for christmas. i had such a good time racing with them last august that when i started thinking about a new goal it just made sense to check out what they had to offer in the next few months. i proposed the idea to jason, it took him about two minutes to say he was in.  in september i start running longer (and hopefully outside) to prepare.

its nice to have a new goal to shoot for, and mentally, i am glad to have the extra time to get used to the idea.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


tuesday july 24, add two more miles. 

wednesday- vomit in my bed is just not the way i like to start a day. (and a whole day later, im washing my 5th load of sheets that have been peed on by the vomiter. im exhausted.) i did weigh, and i weighed 168.4 pounds. thats a 0.4 pound gain last week, and puts me at 1/2/21.  im behind.

(*aside: i am considering that this, while in the appropriate bmi, may not be the most acurate of long term goal weights for me. with that in mind, i do still have extra weight that i put back on, so i plan to continue with my goal, and just see where it takes me. im not off the hook to stay where i am, but i will not feel let down if i am short at the end as long as ive put in the work.)
after an eventful day, and a pampered chef party with friends, i put in two miles walking on the treadmill last night.

wednesday july 25, 2 miles.

today has been just as much and sometimes more exhausting and i still having put in any time. i want to curl up and sleep. i want to scream out of frustration. i am just so done. but the day isnt over, and ill get it in.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

20 miles last week

way behind on posting work outs, so heres a weeks worth of catching up.

tuesday july 17, 3.5 miles as .25 mile warm up, 3 miles @ 11:30 pace, .25 mile cool down

wednesday july 18, 3.5 miles as 10 min warm up, 8x1 hill repeats @ 4-6% incline, 8-10 minute pace, finish with strides and cool down 49:33

thursday/friday off

saturday july 21 1 mile walk, 3 mile run, 3 mile walk in boise with jason and the kids.  two days off was too many before a long run and combined with the heat i just wasnt ready.

sunday july 22, 2 mile walk late in the evening because i needed to get it in.

monday july 23,  2 miles as 400 at tempo, 200 rest, then 2.25 easy miles to finish
i found when i finished this one that the speed work is helping.  i felt like it was easier to run a faster pace for those last two miles than it would have been last week. also, a .25 mile rest in those last 2.25 i used for walking while doing some upper body weights. 

tuesday july 24, i FINALLY got out my jillian, shred it with weights dvd. (which amazon tells me i purchased june 8 of last year. thanks amazon, i didnt really want to know exactally how long ive not been using it.) i substituted a 5 pound dumbell for the kettlebell and still really enjoyed it.  im sure a heavier kettlebell would have caused me to sweat more, but for now, im just glad i finally opened the dvd.  its quick, challenging to my brain (how am i supposed to do that?) and weights! i may run some more tonight. probably. so thats how the week has been.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


last week i weighed 169.4 pounds, and this morning i weigh 168.  a loss of 1.4 pounds for a week of hard work.
(also, that puts me .4 pounds ahead: 1.4 pounds, week 1 of 21)

as i was falling asleep last night i chatted to jason about a modified training plan that i have been thinking about.  i just about have it figured out, then i will share.  until then the runs are just going to seem all over the place.  i havent figured out a good rest day yet.  i think i might need to choose two that can swing, like rest day is saturday, unless jason and i run together, then it will be monday (because we almost always run together on sunday, which i love.) something like that.  once those kinks are out, i will have a plan to take me all the way into next year.

i know its a little weird, but i am actually excited to face jasons last semester of school next month.  why?  because his schedule no longer dictates my ability to run. its great. i feel like its a challenge, how well can i do this semester with a treadmill compared to how awful spring semester was?  its not even a fair competition.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

make that seven.

i made a deal with myself yesterday that i just needed to get the miles in, and then i would take a nap sans guilt. i made a quick blueberry smoothie and had a bit before my run, then put the rest in the fridge for after.  it was just over 4 miles before i felt like i was enjoying myself.  that is far too long. but, at that point i picked up my pace a little more and finished 6.2 miles.  i walked one more to cool off (and finish extreme makeover, weight loss edition on hulu).  i am so glad its done.  im only a little stiff this morning, and in a few hours when the kids are in bed, ill hop back on for a few more miles.

Monday, July 16, 2012

thursday the 12th jason and i ran 5 miles on the greenbelt in boise in 103 degree heat.

friday, 3.25 on the treadmill

saturday, my first and only rest day of the week. also, my 2 year mark.

sunday the 15th, 3.15 miles to redbox and back for movies. 

and today im on for 6, but after staying up till 2am and forgetting my allergy eye drops before i put my contacts in, i really just want to sleep. my eyes are exhausted and i am just.so.tired.

but, six it will be.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

HIIT/ speedwork

i am trying some new running techniques out on my treadmill. yesterday i did a warm up 11-12 minute mile, then .25 mile intervals of sprinting and walking/easy running for two more miles.  then after i picked emma up from school and had the kids eating dinner i did two more miles at a 10 minute pace with .25 mile intervals of 7:30-8 minute pace. 

i have an irrational fear of turning up the speed on the treadmill.  i know exactly how fast it is, and my brain says "but you cant run that fast" and it just freaks me out a bit.  it felt really good to be able to see a difference even in the same day of easy running at a faster pace, and less fear when i turned up the speed. 

i finished up with a total of 5.25 miles for yesterday.

on an unrelated note- where are all the cute bermuda length compression shorts?  do they exist?  i want some.  i get that black matches everything, and its slimming, and blah blah blah. thats why i have three pairs of black leggings.  i want cute shorts!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

catch up and an anniversary goal

looks like i covered june at least. so how about the last 11 days?

july 1 was the race, so got that.

july 3rd i drove the kids to cascade (look at that, being all adventurous...) to gregg and ginas cabin.  im counting a 1 mile walk around the beach and docks.

july 4th, same 1 mile walk.  and the kids caught fish! it was a nice little 24 hour getaway.

thursday july 5th, i totaled 6 miles on the treadmill.  i hopped on it three different times during the day to get it in, but thats the beauty.  i CAN break it up into whatever time i have.

sunday july 8, 2.6 mile walk

monday july 9, 4 mile run. RUN. the whole thing. no walking. it felt easy and good.  also, the first 5k was ten minutes faster than the 5k we ran on the 1st in the heat. and we RAN all of that one too.

tuesday july 10, 4 mile walk chatting with jason about the day at 10pm. it was a get-it-in workout.

and that makes today wednesday.  i didnt weigh last week because i was in cascade and gave myself a pass, but this morning i did, and i am at 169.4 pounds.  thats 0.4 down from two weeks ago.

one more thing.
saturday is july 14th.
its been nearly two years since i started out on my second try.  this year had more bumps than last, with 16 weeks of jason working nearly full time and taking 16 incredibly difficult credits. those weeks included a 15 pound weight gain for me while i stressed and ate my way through it.  it was hard. painful. more than once i felt like i was at the beginning again. but im not. i SURVIVED those 16 weeks, and now im doing what i need to do to lose it again.

jason finishes school in december.  thats the month ive been looking towards for almost two years because thats when we decided we would try for another baby.  my heart races just thinking about it.  ive known with certainty when the time was right to try for emma and for georgie.  emma was my prayer baby.  i prayed for her for 2 years before she was finally concieved.  and georgie was my praise. my heart was heavy that it was time to have another and i was able to praise God the first month we tried.  i knew the wait would be long this time, and i was in no rush.  God has been faithful to make it clear to me when its time, and as december nears i have noticed my desire grow.  its still 5 months away, but God is nesting a place in my heart for another.

so- as he prepares my heart, i want to prepare my body.  i am setting a new goal.  an old goal. 21 weeks for 21 pounds.  december 5 jason will be finishing finals and i plan to hit my goal just in time to get pregnant again. so there it is.

Monday, July 2, 2012

a strong finish

i managed the month of june, hitting 5 days a week with purposeful movement. 

thursday: one mile walk, late, to get something in.

friday: 2.5 miles on a treadmil at the gym while emma was at school, and 5 minutes on the stair master.

saturday: 1.5 mile walk, late, and on my very own treadmill in my dining room while chatting with jason about his weekend fishing trip and my day with the kids. a perfect finish for the month.

i totaled 62.68 miles for the month.  i feel like i had a successful challenge.

that work was put to the test at 5pm last night when jason and i ran a 5k to support friends of ours who are adopting a sweet boy from ethiopia.  it was the kids very first race, where they earned shirts and bibs and ran through the finish all on their own. 

emma and georgie ran around the pond a second time to finish again.  i think they enjoyed it. (and if georgie doesnt look it, its because he took a swim in the pond a minute before this family photo was taken.)

now on to july.  im looking forward to the 14th.  two years is coming up quick!