Thursday, July 29, 2010

great workout. and then frustration

i had an incredible work out tonight, because i got there quite a bit before sarah and decided to stay for her whole workout too.

98 minutes 7.45 miles and 1100 calories

then i got home and told jason that it was thursday and that gabe is supposed to be staying here tonight (i thought it was wednesday all day today) and we needed sheets on the bed upstairs... and i felt like i was getting no response from him.

i know he is tired by the time i get home, but i would be here sooner if he was here sooner so i could leave sooner! and i had dinner for him, and i only asked him to unload and load the dishwasher... i told him tonight (after he went to bed leaving the tv on, and gabes bed still unmade) that i feel sometimes like i have a bad babysitter rather than a spouse. i dont know how to tell him that in a nicer way and still have him be helpful. if i just do it all for him, he will just let me. it wont change anything. so i am up late, still un-showered, but a second load of dishes are running (he did do one) and another load of laundry is running (the fourth ive done today ugh.) and i have yet to pump. jason fed george a bottle, so i need to pump to compensate, and so i dont explode in the morning.

i have a lot on my plate, and i wonder if maybe making a list of things that need done each evening (ie: put emma to bed, make dinner, do a load of dishes, pick up toys, change and feed george for bed...) and asked jason to choose a few of them to do if that would help out our time crunch. just a though. now i better get to pumping before i fall asleep on the couch.

but the workout was a good one, and im eating a chocolate star wars egg as a reward. :)

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