Wednesday, August 18, 2010

today is the day that the lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it

there are a few things i want to touch on today, so im making a list to be sure i dont miss anything.

all the babies (or) how God works
wednesday weight
before and after

okay, we'll start with that.

i found out yesterday morning that my friend cassie had her baby during the night. a (not so) little boy. both our kids are about 10 weeks apart, first girls, then boys. i was so excited for her. then i saw that friends of mine have a brand new nephew, born yesterday morning and such a precious tiny tiny (5 pound) gift from God through adoption. as i read a little about the waiting for that little boy, and the process the family has gone through i started to think about a certain 4 year old boy who has been heavy on my heart. talking to heidi via gmail chat yesterday i felt so overwhelmed by the power of giving God control. all three of these boys come from different situations, but all three of them have been prayed for and loved from the moment they became. God knew (knows) the best place for them and if we just pay attention, its clear that he is in control. ill repeat what i said to heidi yesterday, im trying to pay attention.

i have no segway for this, but on the just the facts, by the numbers front, its wednesday. but first i want you to SEE whats been happening. here is the "before" picture i posted in july, george was three days old. i was 235 when i delivered, so probably closer to 225 here than the 213.4 that i started with july 14, but thats not the point. my point is to see where ive come in 5 weeks. the other pictures are from saturday night in mccall this weekend, and from this morning.

this makes me happy. last wednesday i weighted 200 pounds. today, august 18 i weigh 197.4. thats 2.6 pounds this week (!) and a 5 week total of 15.6 pounds. i also lost a total of three more inches from my waist, arms and legs. but its so much more than that. i weighed 197 when i got pregnant with george. that means ive lost 38 pounds since i delivered. wow. and, you cant see it but im wearing a size 14 black corduroy skirt in that photo today. i havent worn a size 14 since before emma was born. but my face! its not round anymore. yes, the photo of george and i is just a good angle for my nose and chin, but i have a chin! this is what i am working for, this is what i need to see to stay with it.

and what a great feeling it was this morning to step on the scale after such a hectic week and not making it to the gym, and eating meals out... and to still see a difference. i am encouraged. i am excited. i am under 200 pounds, and i am motivated to stay there from now on.

one last thing. i see dr anstine again today, to check my mirena and make sure we are all good there. whenever mattie weighs me, she has to move the scale over from the 150 mark, to the 200 mark in order to get my weight. i had hoped that today, i could be back at the 150 mark. so, as weight fluctuates throughout the day and depending on clothing, we will see if that happens today. but even if it doesnt, i am encouraged. 4 weeks ago at the doctor i weighted 209, and i am sure thats not where i will be today.

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