Monday, September 24, 2012

early morning running

thursday jason and i walked 4.5 miles instead of running. too much smoke, too tired lungs.

sunday evening we walked just over 5 on the greenbelt in nampa and tried to nail down a new schedule. (this is always agonizing, because our schedules are determined by work load, classes, babysitting... things out of our control.)

we settled on a 5 am wake up and decided i would get up with him. i remember how hard it is to be the first one up (i used to open at moxie 3 days a week) so i offered to get up too. that way i could run early on the treadmill with less fear of waking the kids (they dont get up till 7-730, so if im finished at 6 they should be plenty asleep still when im finished making noise.)

so this morning we were up at 5 and i was finished with 3 miles before 6am. i hope the rest of the day goes as well.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


tuesday night i stayed on the couch with a fever, head ache and chills. emma did jammies and bedtime for me. she was such a big helper. really. wednesday morning i felt much better, but by the end of the day my throat was hurting enough to send me to quick care. my strep test came back negative, so a second stick was shoved in my throat and i wait two days to find out if it really is strep.  today its still really sore (i mean, bloody around my tonsils sort of sore. it hurts.)

so, i think im going to have to back out on plans to run with jason. im sure it would just make me more miserable to try to breath while running with the haze of smoke outside. we have a local fire filling the vally with smoke.  looking outside at noon it looks like sunrise still. a soft glow because there is so much smoke in the air.

wednesday morning i weighed 167.6 pounds. im attributing that to the fever for several days. so thats where i stand now.

Monday, September 17, 2012

a little catch up.
friday september 7 i did go into boise and run with jason. we did 5.5 miles on the greenbelt.
saturday (9/8) we spent the whole day (minus kids naps) replacing fence posts and pulling 13 lawn and leaf bags of weeds at our rental.
sunday (9/9) we did 5 miles on the nampa greenbelt.
monday (9/10) i walked 1 mile on an incline on the treadmill
tuesday (9/11) i walked 2 miles on the treadmill (just trying to get it in.)
wednesday (9/12) i weighed 169 pounds.
thursday (9/13) i drove in to boise to run with jason. we did 4.75 on the greenbelt trail at 11:30 pace, our best so far. finished it up walking back to his office for 5 total.
sunday (9/16) we had 9 planned on a new trail in nampa, but a mile and a half in i knew i hadnt had enough water to drink all day and it wasnt going to happen. we scaled back and did 5 instead (after a potty break at jesses house.) the 9 are still on the schedule, tentatively for thursday in boise.

i have been reading in jeremiah for the last couple months. and this week i started beth moores daniel biblestudy.  God really planned that out for me. ive been reading about the babylonians coming to capture the city for more than 40 chapters and in the first 2 verses of daniel it happens.

also, on saturday i had the chance to take part in the simulcast.  i was one of the moms with kids at my feet, in my jammies singing along. for the first couple hours anyways. jason and i tag teamed the day to make it work.  he watched the kids while he mowed the lawn, then i had them for lunch and naps, then he brough back 3 kids from boise for a friend and had all 5 for the next two hours. then i took a longer break and helped out for another hour. then i finished up the last session and came down to make dinner. there were moments that were so hard just having all the kids around and trying to focus on what i was learning, but it was also so so good. i am glad we were able to make it work.

so thats where im at right now. ive settled one of the issues i had plaguing me last week, and today i will work some more on another. at nap time i will sit down to finish my bible study homework. thats the plan for today.

Friday, September 7, 2012


i have spent a lot of time this week feeling off. i tried reading, walking, eating, quiet time, a hot bath, and still couldnt get a handle on it. i told jason there are just too many things buzzing around in my head and i cant get any of them to hold still so i can focus on it to take care it if. its exhausting.

thats my explanation to today being friday and finally posting for wednesday. its just the way its been this week.

last wendesday, the 29th i walked 4.25 miles and did 15 minutes of weight training after i posted.
sunday september 2, jason pushed the kids and we ran out to the lake and back. a 7 mile loop with a good 2 mile climb. (we are sticking to our sunday runs. this one was right after church instead of waiting for the evening. im not sure yet which i prefer.)
wednesday the 5th i weigh 168 pounds (again. still.)  my new number i suppose. i swing between frustrated that i cant seem to break it, and pretty content that my body isnt swinging several pounds up and down all the time. i walked 1.5 miles while reading the secret life of bees (jason had the kids at church) in an attempt to get out of my funk. it didnt work.
thursday the 6th, in the late afternoon, i took the kids for a 3 mile run/walk. coming back the end of the second mile my calf balled up. i clearly remember that pain from more than a year ago and dont like to mess with it, so i walked most of the last mile with short running breaks.

and that brings me to today. i plan to take the kids in to boise tonight to go 5 miles with jason before dinner. his day isnt panning out like he though, so im not sure what time that will actually be, but i always like a run on the boise greenbelt, so it should be good.

and today i am feeling a little better. i cornered a couple of those buzzing issues and tried to get them organized. one of them i have no control over and no idea what is going on at the other end, and thats what the real struggle is. i like to stay informed. i am having a hard time resting in today and trusting God with tomorrows struggles, when tomorrows struggles affect the choices i make today. its been rough.

i was given a little gift yesterday though, a compliment on the way emma and georgie were acting. i hear ashleys voice in my head telling me "this is your pay check." thats what im working for, training my kids to be kind adults, and when someone notices its working, thats my compensation. it was good reinforcement and encouragement for me.