Tuesday, September 17, 2013

my girl is 2 months old today. (pictures after she wakes up.)
and while EVERYTHING takes more time now, ive had trouble applying that to myself. so ive stopped weighing myself quite as regularly, and instead have measured, and will measure every few weeks to see a change. 

yesterday i had a really busy day, but wanted to squeeze in a run while the kids were still at preschool. i did a run walk mile before picking up george, then another run walk mile before picking up emma. it took me an hour and forty minutes to do 31 minutes on the treadmill, but i got it in.

im looking forward to spending some kid-less time on trails at hat creek in three days.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 weeks in

i was sore for two days after my run last week. that sounds ridiculous, but its true. 

i weighed on saturday and was finally back to 210.6. i am pretty sure my scale was a little crooked or something when i weighed myself the first time because i was never at 210 again the rest of the week. and 10 days later, i finally was. so anyways, i think it was inaccurate the first time, and im being more careful now. this morning i weigh 210.4 pounds.

sunday evening jason and i took the kids on a walk to dairy queen for dinner and ice cream.  its 1.5mi each way. he pushed the big kids in the double and i packed lola in the bjorn.  it was a nice 3 miles, and the farthest ive gone in a while.

i want to run again tonight, but jason has a meeting at church for his work and witness trip to senegal in february so he probably wont get home in time. we'll see.

Friday, September 6, 2013

my first mile, since january 1

i honestly cant remember what days i did what this week.  but i do know that i didnt weigh myself this wednesday. totally forgot. i did try to get in 30 minutes while jason and the kids were at caravans, but lola decided to cry for 2 hours. not fun.

then yesterday, after a poor nights sleep (more crying at 4 am. so unlike her.) and a short nap interupted by a fatastic storm and the kids sneaking marshmallows and almonds out of the pantry, i needed to get away. jason came home by 6 and took over dinner and bedtime and the baby.

the rain cooled the evening off, so instead of the gym, i ran the neighborhood. my goal was 1 mile. an entire mile without walking. and i did! and it was HARD. possibly the hardest 11:54 mile ive ever done. but i also felt so accomplished and capable when it was over, and as sore as i am this morning, im still looking forward to doing it again soon.

i finished it with a half mile walk, then pruning the front roses and digging the potatoes in the back yard. (the ground was SO wet, it was pretty much elbow deep in the mud, i had so much fun.)

Sunday, September 1, 2013

i tried out a different video today and while i liked some parts more, overall i think i prefer the first one. but, 45 minutes of zumba while lola made faces at me counts for something today.

also, i bought an ipod. or rather, jason bought it for me. should be here this weekend, and i can get it loaded and run again!