Tuesday, August 3, 2010

almost a habit and sunday night

its been almost three weeks, so that means i almost have a habit. :) i was at the rec last night before 8 which was super nice, and stuck with my new setting on the rec of lower incline increased resistance and whew was i tired. 65 minutes 5.25 miles 786 calories.

jasons working late tonight, and i have a baby shower at 7 at the church so im not sure ill get to go to the gm this evening so i asked jesse to keep the kids for me this morning. it was nice to workout earlier in the day, but while i was there sarah called to tell me they discovered jesse jay has hand foot and mouth so emmas been exposed to it... yay. they kept him in another room and lysoled all the toys and whatnot, but now i need to watch her the next few days and see if anything develops. but the time at the gym was well spent. 65 minutes 5.33 miles 808 calories. and, if jason gets home at a reasonable time tonight, then i will get in a second workout before i weigh tomorrow. this weekend didnt look great, but today my weight looked like i would be on track for a couple pounds lost. we will just have to wait and see tomorrow i guess.

one more thing, jason and i decided to start working with the youth group at church. todd asked me a couple weeks ago if that was something we might be willing to do and i decided that if he needed help so those teens can have the support they need, then we will absolutely do it. both of us felt comfortable and excited about whats happening with the youth group, and im looking forward to stepping up and leading one of the groups of girls.

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