Monday, August 9, 2010

im not slacking, i promise

i have been getting to the gym (i did take two days off, but thats it) i just havent been getting to my computer to log my time. so lets go back a bit.
friday 8/6 55 minutes 4.45 miles 660 calories
saturday 8/7 65 minutes 5.28 miles 743 calories
sunday 8/8 no workout, just some family time and some errand running
monday 8/9 (thats today) a walk to the park and back, 1.75 miles and i hope to go to the gym tonight for a good work out. i would LOVE to be under 200 pounds wednesday morning.

ive been doing okay with food, though, we did have pizza at aunt kris' house, and yesterday jason and i stopped at dairy queen for a quick dinner on the way home. at home ive been doing a good job of getting in lots of fruits and veggies, and i just need to drink a little more water.

also, i keep forgetting to mention an update on my goal to smile more. at church a couple weeks ago, gayla said to me that i always look so relaxed, like i have everything together and she really liked that. :) it made my day. it was just about a week after i made my goal to smile more.

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