Thursday, June 28, 2012

a treadmill

we are doing this thing, called life, and trying to fit all the pieces together into this neat little picket fence that looks a lot more like an old repaired farm fence than a freshly white washed suburban one. 

new schedules, different responsibilities, more kids, less kids, early mornings, late nights, double stroller, single stroller, summer preschool, new renters, loan brokers, refinance, denial, cash budget, over-time, mens retreat, baby showers, lots of deep breaths.

its just not coming together.  rather than keep smashing it all in, im making an edit.  i spent all of yesterday searching for a treadmill online.  i found 6 worth the asking price, and then asked if they would take less.  so far, 2 are sold, and im waiting on a model number from another so i can look it up. 

running while inside my house eliminates the problem of early mornings, late nights, double stroller, single stroller, mens retreat, overtime, more kids... well, about half of the things that have been a hindrance.

i know it doesnt solve all my problems, but it puts all the responsibility on me, and takes most of it off of jason.  and right now, anything i can do to help, will help.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my weight is unchanged.  ive had a lot of chocolate this week. 169.8 pounds.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

now i know

i know why i gained 15 pounds when jason was in school last semester.  hes been home before 7 pretty much every night since school let up, until tonight. and tonight i just want to eat.  problem solved.

Monday, June 25, 2012

17 miles

wednesday: after that long never ending morning, jason and i put in 3.8 miles with the kids before bed.

thursday: i trekked kids into the zoo again, and planned for a run.  we did 5 scorching hot 93 degree miles before a 3pm lunch of bad boys burgers and fries.

friday: off

saturday: 3 mile walk late around the neighborhood with the kids.  we put it off until the swing set was built, water toys had been played with, and the dirty little monkeys were hosed off and jammied for the night.

sunday: i put in 3 hot miles at 8pm, still 83 degrees.  my first at 9:15, faster than my fastest mile earlier this month.  i finished it in 31:38, so times improving.  now to work on my heart muscle and lung capacity so that my upper body can hold on as long as my legs.  my legs feel good! itching to go farther.  its the rest of me that just cant seem to keep up.  also, 80s is too hot to be out running. just too hot.

monday (thats today): i did a vbs drop off and loaded georgie into the double to run around the rec center path at 9am.  my heart and mind werent in it, and while i pushed out a half mile, i opted to walk the rest and finished up at 2.25 miles. im not sure if its was the third day on, the new schedule of kid pick up/drop off/pick up/drop off/pick up again or what.  but i wasnt feeling it.  or maybe the half flat tire on the double. anyways, i need to figure it out. i want to even. 

thats 17.13 miles in 6 days, and even though its not what i hoped for, its enough.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

a good wedensday

1.6 pounds!

when i first looked back at last week to see what i weighed, i though hey- not bad, i lost almost a whole pound this week! then i did an immediate double take and used a calculator (yes, for simple math, sometimes you just want to be SURE.) and wait a second! 171.4 down to 169.8 is 1.6 pounds lost.  thats the best news ive had today.

today started like this:
3am emma pats my face and says mommy, i went potty.  i went pee pee in my bed.  i gather my wits and check the time and remember that i didnt get her up to potty when i went to bed at ten and now im paying for it. 

i take her to the bathroom, she changes while i change sheets. (she does tell me "one time  when i was sleeping it just came out." so she was aware, but not enough to do anything about it.  i guess that progress.  and that it woke her up.

330am, sheets are in the wash, im back in bed unable to sleep.  i check my watch for the time, check the date and see its the 20th.  the caseworker gets back to his office today.  he listens to voice mail today.  so i pray for that boy and his sister and the man who will hear my week old message.

4am jasons alarm goes off

430am jasons alarm goes off

515am jasons still in bed.  i nudge him out and he mumbles something grumpy so i leave him be.

6am my alarm goes off.  im up to potty, switch laundry, check on jason who is still in bed.  he doesnt feel well.  he wimpers when i take the blankets.  he has a temperature. i go back to bed.

7am my alarm goes off.  jason considers getting out of bed, then finally does.  he sick, likely the flu, and going into work to share his germs.  emma is up and our day starts.

except that mine started at 3am with a pat on my face. 

1.6 pounds is a great loss, and dropping into the 160s is also pretty wonderful.  this kind of day needs a win.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

double stroller

running with a double stroller is hard work.  i am so grateful that jason pushes it when we go out together. 

i chose a warm bath and a book last night instead of a workout.  not the same endorphin rush, but just as much a mental boost.  but i made a deal with myself that if i took a rest day yesterday that i would definitely go early in the day today with the kids.  i put it off till after breakfast, and a load of dishes, and then i finally got dressed and everything together to take the kids in the double.

i ran up to the greenbelt so there would be shade and ducks to entertain the kids. i wanted to do five miles, but at the end of two i knew that would bee too much for my new stroller pushing arms and legs, so i turned back and finished at 3.75 miles in 46 minutes (and a .75 mile walk around the neighborhood).  its getting easier, but some times exercise is still just overwhelming.  coordinating times for meals, potty breaks, naps, bedtime, jason getting home from work, preschool pick up and drop off... it makes me want to just give up.  i know that having a set schedule makes it all easier, i just dont know what that looks like for me.  for now, it was a run at 11 am with two chatty kids in a double stroller.   

Monday, June 18, 2012

the weekend

saturday: jason and i built the swing set, all day, in the sun.  but because that doesnt "count" as a work out, we also took a mile walk as a family around the train tracks after dinner at messenger. 

sunday: a 2.5 mile run to redbox and back at a 10:30 pace.  it was hot hot.  93 degrees hot. 

and today, i lack motivation for anything.  its super windy and im not feeling like taking the kids in the stroller out for a run just to be pushed back by every gust.  i will likely choose jillian after i put the kids to bed.  because i know its the right thing to do.  jason wont be home till 9 or 10 as he is riding with dave after work today and they tend to go for at least an hour and a half.  right now im looking forward to thursday when im taking the kids to the zoo again, then going for a run and having lunch with jason at work. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

tender feelings and jealousy

i an struggling this morning with tender feelings and jealousy.  i was surprised again to see a good friend running a 5k in boise this morning that i didnt know she was doing.  running has been hard.  i have little freedom when it comes to when i can run and while i have several friends who run, non of them are close or dealing with the time constraints that i am.  jason has been really good (especially in comparison to last sememster) about being home in the evenings so that i can run, but running in that heat and after a full day is so hard on me physically and mentally.  it becomes a chore and i dont enjoy it.  i would love the encouragement and time with a friend to do a race together, i know there are oodles of them in this area right now.  it happens.  i know that.  im just feeling a little bit excluded.

last night i did 3 miles with weights on my walking dvd.  the point of the amr challenge is to make a concentrated effort to get the exercize in.  so while i had already been out taking care of weeds at the lots, and taking care of the garden here, i made the extra effort to set aside time specifically for exercize. 

also, i do have a race of sorts coming up.  friends of ours are adopting a little boy from etheopia and are running a 5k fundraiser on the july first.  they are calling in the krohn family comassion 5k and participants of all ages are free to walk, bike, run, whatever they want to do.  i am excited to support them and hear about their trip to meet nahome earlier this month. 

but right now, im still just a little bummed. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Romans 12

wow.  romans chapter 12 might be my new favorite passage of scripture.  i started out ready to share just verses 1 and 2, but as i continued to read theres just so much more! so here are the first couple, and a link to go read the rest of the chapter. 

Romans 12:1-2
And so, dear brothers and sisters, I plead with you to give your bodies to God because of all he has done for you. Let them be a living and holy sacrifice—the kind he will find acceptable. This is truly the way to worship him. Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

thats just what i needed this morning.  its one of the verses that changed the way i think about my body nearly two years ago and it still hits tender spots in my heart.  
also, ive been looking for a memory verse for emma, and i found it.  
Romans 12:10 
Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other.

i think thats what she needs to hear right now.  :) 

last night i kept the kids up so jason and i could take them for a run.  he was late getting home because hed run an errand for me, so the kids and i took off without him and made him catch up.  we ran 3 and walked a 4th so he could hit all 5 points for the day.  its going to be tough but he can still hit 1500 for the year if he has 5 points almost every day.  

it was a good day yesterday. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

2 miles

jason made time last night for me to run without a stroller after he got home.  too bad i had just finished dinner.  i went out anyways, knowing it would be a short run, and did a mile around the block.  my fastest in months, i ran a 9:35.  i also really wanted to throw up and kept thinking of amr's tmi tuesday post on facebook about where to vomit if the need arises.  not exactly distracting.  i finished up with one more loop and called it good. 

figuring out just the right schedule for everything is really hard.  i have finally found meal times that work best for the kids and i so that i am not working as a short order cook all day long, and now dinner conflicts with my run timing.  i know it will work out, its just time consuming to get the right schedule nailed down, and then making sure everyone sticks to it. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


my food choices have been spot on the last couple days.  it has been exhausting, but im doing well.  i have taken more days off than i expected from running, but for the most part it has been to do things like major furniture shuffles in the house and building a play set in the back yard.  not exactly sedentary things. 

while thats been fine, i havent seen any progress on the scale throughout the week and its been quite a bummer.  i stepped on this morning fully expecting to see a gain of some amount and was super surprised to see i weigh 171.4 pounds.  i had to check my log, but thats a loss of 0.6 for the week.  it was a nice surprise, and encouragement to keep at it. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

the weekend

thursday:  zoo with the kids.  what fun, and loads of walking.  then the park, a walk to coffee with heidi, and after that a walk to the swim area at lucky peak with jason.  and i made him run sprints with me on the way back to the car.  it was a really good day. (i mean, zoo, coffee, and dinner out in boise for 25$ is not a bad day!)

friday night: jason helped chaperone at the church open gym, so i left him with the kids and went to the real gym.  i had a horrible mile in the treadmill, and finished it up with another mile on the elliptical.

saturday: farmers market, rain and cold.

sunday: we did lawn care in the afternoon, so i hoed the garden and pulled weeds for an hour or so, then emma helped me give jack a bath.  it was outdoor evening service at church, so jason and i ran the kids in and pick-nicked at church for dinner.  then another run home for 4 miles total at an 11:30 average pace. my calf/shin has been hurting this week, so im nervous on runs.  i babied it a lot last night.  im hoping its just shin splints in a different place than i remember. 

so there it is, an active weekend. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

stay the course.

june 5, 2.88 miles (a trip to walmart and back for jasons rx and some apples.  and tape! i remembered the tape!) at a 10 minute pace!

i was nervous this morning about my weight.  ive seen it bounce back and forth all week, and while i know that can happen at the beginning its still frustrating.  but- last week i weighed 173.4 pounds, and this morning i weigh 172.  a loss of 1.4 pounds.  that is just fine! im looking forward to the next few weeks as i see significant change.

i finished off acts a couple of days ago.  the middle of that book was a bit hard.  i dont really understand the significance or have interest in pauls travels back and forth.  i did really enjoy the ship wreck though.  so many things would be different if he hadnt asked for audience with caesar.  it was really interesting.  since then ive moved onto to romans (because its what pastor is preaching on now) and boy does it have a tough start.  paul gave some meaty words to the church in rome, and ive had to take my time to get through it.  ive enjoyed it, but its not what i expected either. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

self motivated!

i aired up the single jogger and georgie boy parked himself in it for an afternoon run.  that thing is a bear to push when youre used to a swivel front tire!  i remember how great it was compared to my regular double stroller when i first bought it, and while im still glad i have it, i am so spoiled by a swivel front. 

anyways, not the point.  i was self motivated and went at noon on a 2.75 mile run with georgie and while i walked about a half a mile throughout it, i did it in 12 minute miles!  (my first was in the 10s again too. well done me i say.) and because jason is running at work today, we will have our little evening to spend at home together tonight. 

amr challenge, june 4, 2.75 miles

Sunday, June 3, 2012

amr challenge update and a 6 week plan

this run at this pace: 12:36 min/mile average with a 10:38 to start and a 10:50 to finish, was a really fun run. 

jason and i took the kids out to nampas crowded greenbelt this evening and eeked five miles out of it.  its hot, i didnt get enough water throughout the day and we took off much faster than ive been running, but it was a nice run.  i would do it again in a couple hours if we could i had so much fun. 

other news, i asked how serious jason is about dropping ten more pounds as i have been mulling over the idea of taking on these twenty with some fierce sincerity.  ive got 6 weeks till i hit 2 years, and i would LOVE to be back down by then.  (also, my shorts i bought last summer would fit again!) so, i think i may tip his wishy washy in my favor and go all in for 6 weeks.  its a long time, a lot can happen if we hit it hard.  it also takes him all the way to the triathlon hes looking at running this year.  im giving a couple days for it to sink in before i make it official. 

june is looking like a good month. 

Saturday, June 2, 2012

amr challenge update

june 1, rest day.  i like to begin any new routine with a rest day.  it just seems like a good way to start.  you can mess that up.

june 2, 5 mile walking video after an incredibly long day.  jason even joined in the laughing and dancing around our living room looking ridiculous with me. its late, but it was a nice end to a long day.