Saturday, April 28, 2012

the rec center was still there, waiting for me

jason got home at 550, and i left at 6 for the rec.  one podcast and three miles later, i am a happy girl. 
hey guess what?

im going to the gym.

im not sure i even remember how to get there.  or what to do once i arrive.  but im going.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

we laughed. it was perfect.

yesterday was a long day.  its been a long week. 28.5 hours keeping the boys in three days, and with tomorrow ill be at 37.5 in 4 days.  i havent had that long of a week in at least a year. and the kids are older now.  that doesnt make things easier.

at 5pm emma, georgie and i were in the car headed to boise to meet jason for birthday dinner before he met up with his senior design group for an evening of presentation practice. we walked to red robin and chanced getting caught in the rain on the way home. odds were not in our favor, as we had to walk the half mile back to the office in the rain. but it was a warm ans sweet rain.  i piggie backed emma, and jason had georgie.  we splashed in puddles and soaked our jeans.  we picked flowers from a blooming tree and put them in our hair.  we laughed. it was perfect.

here are the wet kids, back in jasons office.

and today we are exhausted.  the kids are all played out, and lack of sleep is taking its toll on me.  even when i have opportunity to get out and run (its a warm rain again today, and i have only my kids, so the double is an option) i am just worn out. it will definitely be an adjustment to get back to a regular work out when jasons home in the evenings, but im grateful for the summer evenings to do it in.  just a couple more weeks.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

in real life, you still have birthdays.

in real life, you have to work on your birthday. (i am 20.5 hours into this week, and its only 9am on wednesday.) you also have to do chores. (dishes are running, laundry folding will happen when the thunder hits this afternoon and i can no longer be outside.) and you have to weigh in. im at 171 pounds this morning.  i did well skipping the second diner between nine and ten pm, and eating a good breakfast, but lunch gets the short end when it comes to nutrition.  i had nachos twice yesterday.  its beautiful outside and i havent set aside time to plan out a good meal.

the upside to all of this?  its my birthday. and on my birthday i try to do something nice for someone else. im looking to fix a pair of pants for one of jasons coworkers, and id like to figure out a gift for someone but im just not sure about what yet. also, The Semester (tm) ends in just two and a half weeks. and by that i mean that we will be in california in 17 days, and alone at disneyland in 19.

we are pretending to celebrate my birthday on saturday, we will walk through the farmers market and have lunch from the bowl of soup fundraiser for a local potter who was pulled into his mixer earlier this year.  (breaks my heart.  a man who supports his family through his art was crushed by a piece of his machinery and the community he sells to has come together to help support him.  how could i not buy a bowl of soup?  lots of thanks to the potters who have thrown bowls and the restaurants who are donating the soup.  i hope the fundraiser has a big impact on this family. )

Saturday, April 21, 2012

sun shine and a vitamin d burn

i spent this beautiful day in the sun. more sun that a freckled girl should see.  i will be suffering from a vitamin d burn for the next several days. but oh how i love that vitamin d. soak it up.

i did 4 hours of squats kneeling in the yard over the flower bed not upright or resting on my heals.  my bum is killing me. i trimmed, weeded, dug, planted and watered the heck out of the front and it looks marginally better.  oh well.

jason came home early enough for dinner (YAY!) so we got to use our new (thank you steve and rachel!) grill for the first time. its so great. it gets hot! and then cooks your food in a timely manner!  the wonders of a bbq that is younger than i am.

after the full day of yard work, and water play for the kids, we took them for a bedtime stroll around the neighborhood a couple times.  at least two miles.  im counting that all as 5 points for today.  what a great day its been.

yesterday was hard

i did well at breakfast, lunch, a small snack and dinner, then the five miles and lack of sleep kicked in and i got hungry.  legitimately hungry, not just bored hungry.  so i ate my brussels sprouts and chorizo. and drank a glass of tea. 

i think if i had eaten dinner a little later, i wouldnt have been so hungry at 9pm.  im working on that today.  also, more liquids.  its going to be HOT outside the next couple days (and i cant wait!) so staying hydrated will be good for me in more ways than one.

Friday, April 20, 2012

one week of good choices

i decided silently last night to dedicate myself to one week of good choices.  (good, not just better than i have been doing.) so im deciding out loud today.

i did the math again, and found my bmr to be roughly 1600 calories.  that means that by eating 3 meals of 400 calories each im hitting 1200 and cutting 400 each day.  without extra exercise (which i actually feel more ready to do when im eating well, not the point though) i should see a loss of almost a pound.  add in exercise, for example, the five miles i walked with the kids to preschool and around the neighborhood this morning, and i will see a greater change.  im shooting for 3-5 points a day this week, its supposed to be super nice out, and that makes it much easier to just walk around the neighborhood with the kids.  3 laps, 3 points.  doable.

so with all that in mind, im shooting for a loss of about two pounds this week.  ive been loading up on the salt the last three days, so really, lots of what ill loose will be the water im retaining, but thats important too. 

i also talked to jason last night about setting up a regular time for me to go work out.  its in the plan for may, when we get back from vacation. 

ahhh, vacation.  we leave for california three weeks from today. three weeks! then this semester will be just a rough patch we struggled though, not the constant stress it is on our every thought now.  three weeks from today.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

almost finished.

i gained a couple pounds this week.  i weigh 171.6 pounds.  ive been just eating and not feeling well. 

two more weeks of lecture, then one week of finals and life can come back to normal. jason can eat dinner at home, he can sleep at home.  the kids will see their dad more than 3 times a week and saturdays will be a day off for me again. 

i cant wait for our trip to disney.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

i weigh 168 pounds this morning, and my legs are still sore from mondays preschool run.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sunny days and preschool

i had a surprise free day without the boys yesterday, so georgie and i took advantage of the 70 degree overcast day and ran to preschool again.  i ran much slower than last wednesday, but because of that, i also ran nearly the whole there and back 4+ miles.  it really was a nice day, a good run, and fun to hang out with the kids clapping and chatting.

also, i should mention that to pass the time the next 4 weeks while jason finishes school, i have been sewing a disney land/california vacation wardrobe.  ive sewn 5 new shirts in the last week.  (and also a dress for me, and shorts, a dress and skirt for emma, and two shirts for my mom the week before.)

the other big project has been to get our house spring cleaned.  this is a big deal, because i struggle with keeping it clean in general.  its just not a priority for me.  ive done the play room and kids room all the way from swapping out beds to clothes in the dresser and sorting out toys.  the last three days i have been on the kitchen.  pantry and cupboards are next on the list and then laundry.  im waiting for a kid-less day to get deep into the floors, but it will all get done in the next four weeks.

Monday, April 9, 2012

I’m unwilling to put myself in a position where running has the potential to be associated with defeat or failure.

that title line comes from Dimity of Another Mother Runner.  she wrote concerning her lack of desire to ever run the boston marathon, but it so resonates with me this spring.  i dont run for time (which is why ive stopped recording it) and i dont run to win, i just do it because i want to.  and putting those pressures on myself makes me not want to run at all. 

so from here on out, i will be unwilling to put myself in a position where running has the potential to be accociated with defeat or failure. thanks dimity.

Friday, April 6, 2012

the new shoes

i used my shu's groupon while mom was in town over spring break to go pick up new running shoes.  my shoes from last year are still fine, ive got another 100 miles or so on them.  but new shoes are cheerful, good for training, and i would need them at the end of the summer anyways.  too bad mine are purple.

Brooks Pure Connect
i have worn them for several mile walks around the neighborhood and took them out for a first run on wednesday.  the weather held (! yes !) so georgie and i could run to pick up emma from school.  it was a good run, though the way home was tough.
 i did an out and back to preschool instead of a loop and the hills, headwind, 60 pounds of kids just killed me.  it was faster to walk several of the hills than to try to run them. 

but so far, i like the new shoes.  the merrell dash glove was my other favorite, and im really still not sure which one i liked better.  next year maybe ill go with the merrell.

Merrell Dash Glove

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

this morning i weigh 169 pounds.  i have had two great days of eating and actually want to run today.  now if only the sun shine and wind chill would get together on this, it might be possible.  (i just cant stand to take georgie out in the cold wind for a run.  im sure he owuld be fine, but i feel bad. im hoping it stays clear, and we can walk to pick up emma from school. and maybe run a little.)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

getting up to date

ive been putting this off since the 21st of march, and if i dont write it right now, im sure ill continue to think about doing it "later." whenever that is. so here goes. 

march 21 i weighed 168 pounds. thats back up from the week before, and after several really long days, i just didnt want to think about it. so i didnt write it down. (next time, i will just write it down. and by next time, i mean in the morning.) i also took the kids out for a mile walk. 

march 22 mile and a half walk 

march 23 3 miles with jason at a slow jogging pace 

march 26 3 more miles 

march 27 1 mile 

march 28 1 mile and i still weighed 168 pounds. 

this week has not been as active, and i dont expect my weight to change much. right now im working on my attitude, and looking forward to may, when i will have the luxury of choosing my own time to run. or whatever else i want to do for exercise.