Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the ups and downs and ups and

i am having a hard week. i say having, because i dont think its quite over yet. our family has been plagued by illness this week even more than the last two months. emma and george had a virus causing runny stuffy noses and cough, then georges turned into rsv and he also got an ear infection. saturday jason came down with full blown flu (he started not feeling well last wednesday) and i went in to be checked again and have another sinus infection. we are all tired and run down, and generally exhausted.

also this week i have experienced my first cycle on the mirena. i have endured all the hormonal changes of being a girl without the mess. ive been teary, short tempered, constantly hungry for chocolate (hello home made peanut butter cups), hungrier in general, and worst of all are the crampy aches and pains.

i have not been to the gym, i have not taken a walk, i have not made good food choices and i have not felt good. i know changing the first three would change the last one, but i havent done it. im worn out.

last week i weighed 166.8, and this morning i still weigh 166.8 pounds. no change.
this weekend we are driving home for a friends wedding, which means fast food on the road friday and sunday. i know there are hard times, but i have been sick for 8 weeks now. im just exhausted.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

i feel good (duh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh nuh-nuh)

i was thinking of a title, and then started sing/chanting this song to jason while hes trying to do his homework and looking at me like im ridiculous with my dun nuh nuh nuh nuhs between lyrics.

i went to the gym tonight, and you guessed it, it felt really good.
31 minutes 2.77 miles 352 calories

i am (oh no, here comes another song. my brain is sing-song-y tonight i guess) wishing and hoping and praying that i am getting well! my cough is nearly gone and the snotty nose seems the same/better depending on the time of day. that would be just wonderful. and i know this song has nothing to do with my workout, but its a good one anyway!

missing updates, a new size

i have been posting back and forth with katie, and missing a few here.

i shopped on saturday, so that was the extent of my exercise. lots and lots of walking with the kids. after jason got home sunday afternoon we took the double stroller to the park for a half hour of play with emma. the round trip is 1.75 miles.

monday night i started feeling sicker again. ive not been well yet, but i have felt a bit better for a day or two here and there. i felt okay on the weekend, just a little runny nose. but now i have full blown cold symptoms again. and both kids are runny nosed and coughing. jason was home in time last night for me to go to the gym, but every time i stood up i got dizzy (the sinus congestion does that to me, wish i knew why) so i stayed home. he should be home in time tonight, and i am going to load up on the decongestants and anti histamines and nasal steroids and water and vitamins and plan to work out tonight.

and its wednesday. last week i weighed 168.6 and this morning i weigh 166.8 pounds for a loss of 1.8 pounds. fantastic. not quite 2, but as close as i could get, and in a poor week to boot. 18.8 pounds to go. when i first started in july, that seemed like a lot. but ive already lost 46.6 pounds. another 18? i can do that.

there was something relevant and very exciting that happened while i was shopping this weekend. my size 8 jeans from walmart were feeling a little loose, so while at old navy i checked their clearance rack for any size 6s. i found two pairs of corduroy jeans, one in bright mustard and one in a plummy burgundy. i tried on, and bought the burgundy. they fit.

(excuse the weird photo. i stood on a chair/ the side of the tub in order to get in the light without it flashing on the mirror. it was 630 this morning, and still dark out so i had to be creative. :)

and while at walmart i also picked up another pair of their jeans in a size 6. (i love my levis, but for 12$, i really like walmarts faded glory brand jeans. they fit so well, which is a big deal to me, after having such a struggle growing up trying to find jeans that fit my hips. i can remember going to five or six stores with my mom, trying on pants just to find one pair that fit.) but my point is, i wear a size 6! comfortably! i have said this several times before, but i cant remember a time in my life when i have worn a size 6 before. ever.

also, i tried on my red dickies again this weekend. they fit well through the leg, better than when i last wore them, but the tummy is still too snug. that stretched out baby tummy i have going on is the difference in fit from when i last wore them. but, i am hoping those last 18 pounds will take care of some more of that.

Friday, February 11, 2011

getting out of my funk

jasons gone to mens retreat. well, he is probably just leaving the church parking lot, but hes gone from here. im excited, and bummed.

but, because he was off work today, i went to the gym before he went to the church. the elipticals were full, but there was a treadmill empty so i hopped on. i did 16 minutes 1.17 miles and 130 calories. i walked a lap, then jogged (i was at a 5, but jogging. that used to be running for me.) then upped to a 6.2 and ran. still not sprinting, but i ran. i felt like i could carry that pace too. (a good feeling. its around a 10 minute mile.) but at the end of this cold my sinus' drain and i cannot work out that hard for very long. so i slowed to a nice fast walk till my 15 mintues were up and moved on to the eliptical.
(because i am aware of the calories burned, it bugs me to not burn as many on a treadmill. i know in the long run, switching it up is better because then more muscles are worked and my body doesnt get in a rut, but thats hard to convince myself of sometimes.)
on the elliptical, i felt really good. the warm up run really made a difference. i did 24 minutes 2.07 miles 265 calories. i got a little nauseous at the end (sinuses) but otherwise could have gone longer. i havent felt like that in a while.

so, im feeling better about my workouts. now its just wait and see how i feel with jason gone all weekend.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ten weeks left!

i am getting close to the "end" of my goal. im not sure how i feel about that yet. but its getting closer, and i needed to say that.

last week i made it into the 160s. it was a wonderful shock. my weights over this week have not been full of joy and surprise. this morning i weigh 168.6 pounds, a loss of 0.6 pounds this week. first, i am glad to have lost weight, i dont have the time left to deal with gains. but, i felt good this week about my choices and im disappointed in their results. this says to me that i need to put in more gym time to make it. some serious gym time.

march is getting closer, the weather will get warmer, and i can do more walking and jogging with the double stroller around the neighborhood and to the park. but until that is possible i NEED to peel myself off the couch, push myself into the car, and drag my uninterested self to the gym several times a week for some long (40 minute plus) workouts. im not looking forward to this, but its just how its going to have to be.

i will take any advice for some veggie filled high fiber low calorie meals, out of the rut workouts, motivational words to focus on, and general happy thoughts.

edit: something i cant believe i forgot to mention, at 168, i have only 20 pounds left. i am now one of those people who wishes they could lose "just 20 pounds or so." that is a good feeling, because ive already done that twice over. i can do it again.

Monday, February 7, 2011

im bored.

i am loosing interest in working out. the elliptical is getting boring. i did 15 minutes upstairs, then was already so bored i quit to do 15 minutes of yoga. at least i have the first 15 minutes of my yoga video memorized. trouble is, its not nearly as effective at burning calories as the elliptical. im bored and i need to get over it.
sunday 2/6
i didnt want to go, but george woke up and gave me that little bit of encouragement i needed (he was fussy, i wanted to be away from it) to go to the gym.

20 minutes 1.75 miles 230 calories

Friday, February 4, 2011

its just a head cold!

i am still sick. (one day, soon i hope, i will be able to write a post without that disclaimer.) but, its just a head cold! i should be well again in just a week! for reals this time! and because its just a head cold and i am obligated to my two fellow 25ers, i went to the gym.

about the gym. i just realized that i havent written about this yet, and it is a very important part of this whole process, so i really need to mention that leggings arent pants. they just arent. but i am confident enough to wear them as such to the gym. and i have, every time ive gone in the last month. i leave the house wearing spandex pants and go to a very public place. what a great feeling. anyway, now its out there. leggings arent pants and i wear them as such anyways. but only to the gym. (a gate way outing im sure.)

40 minutes 3.45 miles 440 calories

Thursday, February 3, 2011

just a work out. 20 minutes of yoga at home. i have a cold again. still. i backed out of going to the gym and felt bad. so, yoga.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

to excited to be witty.

i havent been this excited about a wednesday in quite some time. so ill just get it out there.

last week i gained 2 pounds, for a weight of 174. this morning, i weigh 169.2 for a LOSS of 4.8 pounds!

i havent lost that much in a week since week 1. and, i dont know the last time i weighed in the 160s. what a GREAT start to 25/25th.

(and, to brag a bit for jason, hes at a steady 194, the lowest hes been since he was framing. he has been stuck at 198, and after a week of new food portions, has lost 4 pounds! so he is on his way as well.)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

gym time and a goal

30 minutes on the elliptical upstairs, 10 more minutes of yoga, and a very small number of push ups and sit ups. i weigh in the morning and i really really really want popcorn tonight but i am NOT going to eat any. instead, i am going to go to bed and read jane eyre.

im looking for a 2 pound loss in the morning. im excited, and nervous.

25 pounds by the 25th

this is the goal. loose 25 pounds by april 25th (my 26th birthday). that is 2 pounds a week, absolutely doable. its what i NEED to do in order to accomplish my goal of 65 pounds. and just so happens to coincide perfectly with a weight loss challenge that started with jasons company today and ends on the 26th of april. he has decided to join me with a goal of 25 pounds. today, katie also agreed to join in.

i am excited!

i talked to katie about a couple changes we both need to make that will really help, and i already feel obligated to stick to it. i just did twenty minutes of some easy yoga to get stretched out and get my lungs used to taking deep breaths again before i head back to the gym tonight. i promised to post a work out for tonight after our chat. (and jasons run, too.)

this will require dedicated diet changes. no treats for a while. at least, not until i get my regular meals back on track. i am looking forward to seeing our numbers drop in the next 12 weeks!