Saturday, December 31, 2011

i love weddings

good tv. thats what i need i think. :) i watched a wedding special and say yes to the dress at the gym last night, and did 63 minutes, 5.75 miles on the elliptical. and i enjoyed it!

this afternoon jason and i are trying to figure out how we can both get some time in. and we would like to do it kid-less. ( i SO need to find a babysitter! com on sarah, get your act together.) i think we will probably end up taking them, and using gym daycare for the first time. i told him its worth the 5$ to end the year right! :)

edit: scratch that. play center closed at 3. :( guess we will be going opposite one another.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

its good to be sore

i spent 25 minutes on the elliptical at the gym last night, and another 15 minutes at home this morning. i woke up with sore arms, and tight legs.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

on the tail of my earlier commiserating, i started a chore, put the kids down for a nap, and headed upstairs for a workout. 20 minutes on the elliptical (on the easy setting its stuck on) with a 30 second wall sit, push ups and a variety of crunches.

week 74

(before i even say this, i am going to qualify it. ugh. i feel like i am constantly saying something about this being a phase in our lives that jason and i are working through in order to get to a most stable time, or something about there being ups and downs in every thing a person does and that i am just experiencing a down (or up rather) now... but, those things are kind of true. really. they are also excuses, because while i didnt go to the gym last night, being home at 8 i could have. i just didnt. yes, 8 is late and we had just finished a big night, but i chose not to go. so, theres that.)

december 14 huh? well, heres the run down. on the 17th was our anniversary. we spent the day driving in a packed car with the kids to my parents in oregon. we cleaned up vomit out of a car seat and changed diapers in the car. oh how things have changed in 6 years. on monday we took a walk up to the lighthouse and back (one mile all together) after visiting ashley and her kids. i have so missed her. also, i ate only half of my fish and chips at the diner we visited.

tuesday morning jason and i left the kids with my mom and went for a 4 mile run around the back of my home town. technically it wasnt much of a run, i just enjoyed being out of the house for a while and an hour of chatting. (and it became apparent again that a running partner would be handy. with every one but jason, i typically let them set the pace. but jason will let me do it. guess i need to let him know what id like to do, and have him set the pace there.)

the rest of the week we were very sedentary. thursday night emma came down with a fever that lasted till we got her home and taking medicine for a double ear infection on monday, poor girl. i have been fighting a cold and some laryngitis for two weeks now, and sunday morning my mom said she had a stomach flu all night. then georgie threw up all over the kitchen floor. i was dizzy, couldnt focus, nauseous all day and part of sunday night.

we got home monday evening in time to check our weight (gain) for the week and for a good nights sleep. this week was definitely full of set backs. id love to think of some happy spin to put on it, but i just dont have one. i did not weigh all week while we were away, but on monday night i was at 164.4 pounds. this morning i weigh in at 164. ive got some great tasting, filling, low calorie and very low fat foods on the menu for this week, and i am keeping a close eye on my salt and water intake. those were out of control last week.

but, i bought a calendar. to hang on the wall in the kitchen. im going to meal plan, and also schedule work outs. i have heard from moms that this is the surest way to get them in. so jason and i will sit down and write out his new class schedule and PLAN for three days each week when he can be home in the evening so that i can go to the gym.

so, new years resolutioners- ill see you there. leave a machine open for me, would you?

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

wednesday weight

ive sat on this all morning feeling discouraged, but not any more. i am back at 159 this morning. but, i am also irritable, bloated and achy. i sometimes forget that there are factors out of my control that affect the number i see. so, instead i will focus on the new outfit i am sewing for myself, and the fact that i just cut into a size smaller than i have ever made of this particular pattern. also, measuring my waist and hips for a skirt i am making up as i go, my measurements have stayed right on despite the issues ive had bouncing between 155 and 160 pounds the last couple months.

tonight and tomorrow are the last nights i can go to the gym before we vacation. i have packing and sewing and present wrapping to do, but i think ill get in at least one more good work out. (also, my mom has an elliptical at home. ive already told jason i need to use it at least once or twice while we are there. so he will help keep me accountable to that.)

for now, its time for lunch. and im back to eating a large salad to get in some extra veg, and allow me to feel like i can eat a whole lot (like i seem to want to do this time of day.)

Monday, December 12, 2011

the cranky

last thursday i did 3 miles on an elliptical at the gym and actually enjoyed every minute. it was quick (just over 30 minutes) and i worked hard with resistance all the way up and my ramp low so my legs worked from my butt to calf, and it was wonderful.

tonight i went and got there in a bad mood and left in a bad mood. some days i just get into a funk (after a good day even) and have trouble knocking out of it. bad or not, at least i went. 2 more miles and lots of resistance to try and sweat the cranky out.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

worth it

this morning i weigh 157.8 pounds. FINALLY! some success! its been a good and hard week. ive made better (harder) choices and had a miserable run at the gym. and lost weight. im optimistic that i can reach my goal.

i made pulled pork for dinner and had it on an everything roll and it was fantastic. i also want to eat at least one more, but maybe two and im choosing not to. its hard. but seriously, i think its worth it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

any run at all

after a miserable 2 miles yesterday jason told me that any run at all is never a waste of time. thanks babe, but i do kind of want those 30 minutes back. everything seemed three times harder than usual. it was awful. but i went, and thats what counts. and i keep thinking what jason usually tells me, run faster and you ll be done sooner.