Tuesday, August 10, 2010

last comic falling down

when i got inside, i realised it was monday, not tuesday. that meant that last comic standing was on tv. ob boy was i in for it. tom papas, host of the marriage ref was one of the guest comedians on the finale of the marriage ref and i nearly fell off the elliptical because i was laughing so hard. and boy was i embarrassed. but, it was worth it. i got in a great workout, and actually enjoyed it because of the great comedy.

65 minutes 5.27 miles 787 calories
1.75 mile walk to the park and back

now for the other big stuff going on, i have spent the weekend filling out home study paperwork for dept of health and welfare in idaho. i have the financial report, a short biography answering about seven questions, and a report from a physician to complete before its finished. but the basic application, and the questionnaire are both complete. all these things, including a back ground check and fingerprinting (which i also need to fill out still) must b complete by the 18th for the state of idaho. and idaho must complete the home study by september 9 for the state of oregon. i am excited and nervous. its a lot of change that could happen very soon, but i love that little boy and i just want him to be happy and to grow up healthy.

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