Monday, August 16, 2010

an unexpected week off

i have not set aside work out time since last wednesday's 20 minutes of yoga. and i kind of feel like yoga is a cheater workout (for me, because i use it as back up when i cant go to the gym, and dont want a day off.) so, that puts my goals into an interesting situation.

we spent the weekend in mccall at jasons aunt and uncles cabin and had a nice quiet relaxing time. we ate out at two of our favorite places there, and walked emma to the subdivision pool and had coffees, it was nice. but no workout. so tonight i am hoping to get to the gym early enough to really put in some good time (60 minute minimum) and give this week a little jump start.

good signs are still happening, i am wearing my running short i bought last summer when heidi and i were running. this is the first time they have fit since i got pregnant. and only 3 pounds to loose till i am at my pre george pregnancy weight. then just ten more to pre emma. so we are on our way.

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