Thursday, August 5, 2010

its only thursday? day 22

first off, there are two small gremlins that someone allowed access to water running about the house. i think they are going to grow into terrible monsters by morning unless they actually go to sleep. i hope my cleaning and putting things away pays off and theres not too much to get into while everyone else is asleep.

an back to regular programing, i am TIRED. im going to take my iron tomorrow, and see if maybe that helps. but it could just be stress of all this tidying up in such short notice. (i am a messy person, married to a messy person, and i have two kids to help make messes. and i hate to clean. its a disaster zone here.) i skipped yesterdays workout in favor of helping jason build bunk beds and rearrange furniture and all that, but i managed to run away for a bit tonight (as soon as the family got here) for 41.5 minutes 3.37 miles and 500 calories. i quit at 500 in order to come home and be sociable, but im not planning on doing the same thing tomorrow. tomorrow i am going to need the time away to regroup after a day with load family. (dont read all this the wrong way, i am actually glad to have family here, its just that im also very busy every weekend this month, and that makes me tired.)

so, that said, i have diapers to run through the wash and a bed that misses me.

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