Thursday, June 30, 2011

long run

after georges doctor appointment this morning i drove into boise with the kids to meet jason for a long run. i told him to map 6-8 miles and off we went. there was a lot of stopping to deal with the kids, and we lost georges hat in the first 2 miles (didnt find it on the way back either. hope some kid in boise gets to look cute and stay cool wearing it this summer.) we stopped to potty around mile 3, and then mile 6 i did quite a bit of walking. i needed to have made a sports drink or something for some electrolytes in the heat with this long of a run. so my stomach was cramping because of the lack. we cut a mile off the far end of the run and added it back on with a quick down and back near the office (that isnt on the map). we survived a total of 7.7 miles in 1:36 hour. that comes out to just under twelve and a half minute miles.

now we are home, kids are sleeping, my feet are tired and i MUST get to packing. after i make georgie a new hat.

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