Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my life is getting in the way. of my life.

i am up one pound this morning at 160.4 pounds. why? portion control. veggies did not take up half my plate this week. what am i going to do about it? food journal.

in the past (years) when i have tried a food journal i have found myself paying so much attention to what im eating that i didnt eat enough. i dont expect to have that issue this time around. what i think will happen is instead of just munching whatever it is im hungry for, i will have to weigh the effort of reporting it. and im generally a pretty lazy person so i think that will be enough to keep me from snacks and extra portions.

breakfast: one large poland mug of coffee with sf macadamia nut syrup and some fat free 1/2 and 1/2, 1 glass of chocolate slim fast shake in 1% milk (this is my go to when i feel i cannot be trusted to make a wise choice on my own.)

(edit: lunch: one carb balance whole wheat tortilla filled with three cubes of steak, half cup black beans, and once slice pepper jack cheese, one orange from grandpa george.

snack: bowl of strawberries


two peices of 9 grain health nut bread, one large roasted tomato, two poached eggs, a hand full of steamed asparagus with a little melted fake butter. delicious.
i also ate a couple handfuls of jasons popcorn just before bed.)

also, i think i might do a work out video today. just sounds like a good idea.

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