Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2 mile loop

i have mapped a new 2 mile loop near the house. this solves several problems. it is close to home the whole time, and easily cut down to 1 mile for odd numbered days. it is through the neighborhood, except for the distance between greenhurst and iowa, which is familiar and feels like neighborhood more than main road.

so tonight i ran just 2 miles in 22 minutes. they felt nice and easy (if you ignore that it hadnt been long enough since i ate dinner) and i plan to use that loop for a longer run wednesday or thursday before we leave for family reunion.


  1. i just mapped the 2 mile loop around my neighborhood too! it happens that the way mom & sara walk is almost 2 miles. so this morning i am going to go and run it twice. it's going to e weird running around houses and not the river anymore.

  2. You girls are so inspiring. Currently it is everything I can do to make up my really steep driveway every morning. And I'm not even waddling very fast. :)