Saturday, June 11, 2011

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i have 10 pounds to loose to hit my initial goal. it is not a lot of weight but i have had ten pounds to loose for three months.

this week ive been searching for some motivation and new tactics at attaining this goal. ive journaled foods that ive eaten (and noticed that i really need to make some healthy cookies again- that seems to be my 2-300 calorie suck every day) and started using work out videos to get some calories burned on days i cant/ or dont want to run. this morning i re-read all the posts tagged "motivation." its been almost a year and my life has dramatically changed. sometimes in the rut i forget that.

eleven months ago i weighed 213.4 pounds and last wednesday i weighed 160.4 pounds. thats 53 pounds that i have lost and maintained for nearly a year. i have gained a couple of times, but i have not gained any amount that stayed on. each time the scale went back up- i made the choice to do what i needed to and loose those pounds a second time. that is an accomplishment. that is a life style change. even if it takes me a while still to loose those ten pounds (not that i want it to) i know i can because my life has changed.

breakfast: coffee with sf peppermint and fat free 1/2 and 1/2, two pieces of bountiful basket toast with cream cheese and sf raspberry jam, bowl of cantaloupe

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  1. Good Job! You have changed a lot!! You got this! Keep moving forward and don't let ruts hold you back!!!