Sunday, June 26, 2011

another mother runner

feeling super bummed about yesterdays total fail of a run, i decided to go out again tonight. i didnt have a time or distance in mind, just wanted to run until i enjoyed it again. before i left i looked up a couple mantras to keep in mind. i found a couple that i liked. "not dead, cant quit" and "i am here now" and i also remembered a website that had some great witty ones for moms. its another mother runner and they have a great tee shirt shop called run like a mother. one of them says "the more i run, the less i want to run away". that was definitely me today.

my point: after putting emma to bed for the fourth time tonight in her fifth pull up of the day (guh) i went for a run. i stayed close to home but managed 4.6 miles in 49 minutes. pretty dang fantastic. thats just over 10.30 minute miles. i walked about 30 seconds of it. i enjoyed it. i changed my mind set.

and the mantras definitely dont hurt. my favorite? "run like a mother" and "this is the easiest part of my day".

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