Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i have never liked to follow the rules

530 became 6. i got a full 7 hours of sleep and it was wonderful.

i had planned to run the 5 mile rectangle of greenhurst, 12th, iowa, and middleton. after jumping over 5 road kills in my path in the first 3/4 mile i decided i was not in the mood to run on main roads. (5 mile road kill total:8.) so this route is what i ended up with. i kept in mind the distances i was skipping and tried to add in the distance with curves and loops. and not a bad job id say! 5.1 miles total in 56 minutes. 11 minute miles. that is just perfect.

also, the morning run felt SO MUCH BETTER than any afternoon run ive had lately. the heat just kills me. (so what if im a tender little flower that needs perfect conditions to bloom. at least eventually ll bloom, right?) schedule change take 2 is going to happen soon i think. we will still be getting up early, but i will go run and jason can do jillian and/or homework till i get home- then head to work. that way he doesnt have to rush home so i can run in the evening, and he gets a chance to study when hes feeling more alert than at 1130pm.

tomorrow i am on for 4 miles. today the kids and i are going to settlers park for some water play and then ill do my jillian dvd during naps. and maybe mow the lawn. depends on how hot it actually gets today.

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