Friday, June 17, 2011

update on work outs and food

this morning i was sore, but not as much as i expected. (im pretty good at expecting the worst so that anything isnt quite so bad. :) my arm pit muscles (whatever those are called) and my quads are the worst. but not bad enough to stop me from shopping the outlet mall with mom and carrying a kid or two all morning.

i did the work out again late this afternoon when emma was sleeping and george was feeding himself. it went SO MUCH BETTER. so a sleeping emma is key.

food wise, i have been adding and adding veggies to my meals. this way i am feeling full with a lot fewer calories. examples: whole wheat sugar free waffles with strawberries instead of syrup and a banana for breakfast, egg on toast with a large bowl of salad and minimal dressing for dinner, grilled pineapple, chicken, pepper and onion kabobs over rice for dinner, bowl of cereal and banana for breakfast. so im pretty happy with my meals right now, i feel like i have control again.

i cant believe i forgot to mention i bought a running skirt, and a fantastic dress this week. dont believe me? take a look:

its really a great dress. and the skirt- super cute.


  1. I want a cute running skirt!!!!! You are HOT!!!! I'm jealous!

  2. I showed your picture to Simon and he said "WOW! She looks great!!" High compliments, my friend :)