Thursday, June 23, 2011

4 beautiful miles

4 miles tonight. i left the house around 815 this evening and it was the perfect time of day to run. shaded, breezy 75 degrees. ill take about 100 more just like today.

my time was 43:19 minutes for 10:50 miles. (except i know my first mile was a 10 minute mile.) i ran carrying a water bottle. it was nice to have the water, but a little awkward too. and i wore a pair of running shorts (all day today) and (milestone) did not chafe all day, including mowing the lawn, yard work and 4 mile run. my work out clothes just doubled. i can wear normal shorts now!

saturday i am supposed to do 7 miles. i know i can, i just need to get over the obligation of it so that i WANT to.


  1. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!! Good Job!!!

  2. They make silly-looking little water backpacks that might be less awkward (but they do look silly) :)