Monday, June 20, 2011


this time every day i am hungry. every day. i feel like im eating either two lunches or two dinners. today i had a snack. im still really hungry. any of you afternoon munchers, or partaking of the second lunch?

also, i am not a runner. i have found that i dont really miss running when i dont do it. i enjoy it just fine when i run, but i dont track my pace and miles, and try to improve and challenge myself. im not a runner.

as a non-runner, training for this half has been nearly non existent. (but you knew that already.) this morning jason and i started a new schedule to try and make more time for me to run and really get prepared for this race. right now, i am very unprepared and it makes me very anxious about those 13 miles, no matter how easy they are supposed to be.

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