Thursday, June 9, 2011

work out videos

i opted to skip a run yesterday and find a work out on hulu instead. (im glad i did, because at the end of the video a storm blew in, and jason ran when i would have, and got soaked!) i chose this joy bauer video and actually really liked it. i was usually a step behind, and several times my coordination was just so off, but i kept moving. i really enjoyed that weights were incorporated. (i wore my wrist weights for the first 15 minutes, and fifteen minutes later a weight circuit was introduced. so i got them twice!)

emma enjoyed the video too. for full mental picture, she was wearing her pj tee shirt, panties, and fuzzy pink boots, and she kept sticking her toy phone in her panties (because she didnt have a pocket) then taking it out and calling someone to say "were dancing! im dancing with mommy! yeah, im dancing, ill talk to you later!" too funny. i tried to teach her a jumping jack. no go. and she did okay with the bird dog, but kept lifting the arm and leg on the same side instead of opposite. :)oh- and jasons favorite when i told him, when i was doing push ups emma tried to climb on my back to "ride mommy". i thought i was going to die.

on those work out video lines, yesterday i bought two jillian michaels videos. (i bought comic book boards to make mini fabric bolts to organize things upstairs, and needed to spend another 15$ to save 7$ in shipping or whatever amazons flat rate is. anyways... ) i went with 30 day shred and shred-it with weights. i am looking for ways to incorporate weights and that second one looked like a good way to do it. both have a bajillion good reviews... so thats the plan for days i dont get in a run, or just want a little something extra.

todays meals
breakfast: cup of coffee with sf irish cream and a little 1/2 and 1/2, banana
lunch: salad (lettuce, celery, carrots, onion, broccoli, red cabbage) and bean, cheese and green jalapeno salsa quesadilla
snack: i CRAVED something sweet, so i made a couple dark chocolate peanut butter smores.
dinner: (at nearly 10pm, ugh) one big taco with lots of salad and salsa and a little meat and cheese


  1. be prepared to be super sore after the 30 day shred. i did it for the first time 2 years ago when i was in good shape and was sore for two days. this time i did it for the month of april. the first three or four days i could hardly move. getting up from the toilet was painful. just be prepared. it is a fantastic workout. i did shred it with weights for the first time yesterday. i don't have a kettle bell so i just used hand weights and it was fine. i have a bunch of jillian's dvds and they are all great. i really like her yoga meltdown. not your typical yoga... more reps and hold movement. fast paced. i love it to change things up in my workouts. i do it on sundays and wednesdays so if you want to try it in between let me know. i also liked jillian's ripped dvd. set up like 30 day shred but has 4 weeks. much more intense in level 3 and 4 really liked it. still in my rotation but also using shred with weights and no more trouble zones.

    i MUST journal my food or my eating is out of control which has been evident this week after we have been back from vacation. UGH!!! trying to get into our summer routine and have time to fit in more cardio with jill dvd's. hopefully by next week i can be on track.

  2. thanks for the warning. im looking forward to having something that i cna finish quick and get a good work out from, so i think those will be perfect. if i can stretch to reach to power button on the dvd player after the first day. :)

    i journaled my food the year before i got pregnant with emma (so thats, 3+ years ago i guess) and found that i was only eating 7-800 calories a day because i was so hyper focused on my food. it was not good. (it was also not effective.) but this time i have found myself snacking when i feed the kids and eating my own meals later (they seam to eat about an hour before and after i do) so i was just getting too much food. i think journaling will help with that.