Saturday, June 25, 2011


my 7 miles were a bust. i got 2 miles in and my tummy was cramping and i felt miserable and had to head home. i cut back to midland and did this route for a total of 4 miles instead of 7. i am upset, disappointed, and feeling miserable. because i walked almost all of the 3rd mile, my total time was 49 minutes.

i know i could have gone the whole distance this morning, if only i didnt so desperately need to go to the bathroom. jason is working today, and meeting with his group for one of his classes tonight at 7 in boise. i might go out again this evening, or maybe a little earlier and just take the kids if i am feeling more up to it. i know that this happens to some people, but i havent had to potty on any of my runs before today, and it just totally ruined my run this morning.

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  1. One thing a lot of serious runners I know do if they run outside is they make a loop of their house after a mile or so, come in, do their business, then continue on with the rest of the loop. Like an infinity where the intersection is your house and the other loop is much bigger. :) But oh how frustrating. :(