Thursday, June 28, 2012

a treadmill

we are doing this thing, called life, and trying to fit all the pieces together into this neat little picket fence that looks a lot more like an old repaired farm fence than a freshly white washed suburban one. 

new schedules, different responsibilities, more kids, less kids, early mornings, late nights, double stroller, single stroller, summer preschool, new renters, loan brokers, refinance, denial, cash budget, over-time, mens retreat, baby showers, lots of deep breaths.

its just not coming together.  rather than keep smashing it all in, im making an edit.  i spent all of yesterday searching for a treadmill online.  i found 6 worth the asking price, and then asked if they would take less.  so far, 2 are sold, and im waiting on a model number from another so i can look it up. 

running while inside my house eliminates the problem of early mornings, late nights, double stroller, single stroller, mens retreat, overtime, more kids... well, about half of the things that have been a hindrance.

i know it doesnt solve all my problems, but it puts all the responsibility on me, and takes most of it off of jason.  and right now, anything i can do to help, will help.

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