Saturday, June 16, 2012

tender feelings and jealousy

i an struggling this morning with tender feelings and jealousy.  i was surprised again to see a good friend running a 5k in boise this morning that i didnt know she was doing.  running has been hard.  i have little freedom when it comes to when i can run and while i have several friends who run, non of them are close or dealing with the time constraints that i am.  jason has been really good (especially in comparison to last sememster) about being home in the evenings so that i can run, but running in that heat and after a full day is so hard on me physically and mentally.  it becomes a chore and i dont enjoy it.  i would love the encouragement and time with a friend to do a race together, i know there are oodles of them in this area right now.  it happens.  i know that.  im just feeling a little bit excluded.

last night i did 3 miles with weights on my walking dvd.  the point of the amr challenge is to make a concentrated effort to get the exercize in.  so while i had already been out taking care of weeds at the lots, and taking care of the garden here, i made the extra effort to set aside time specifically for exercize. 

also, i do have a race of sorts coming up.  friends of ours are adopting a little boy from etheopia and are running a 5k fundraiser on the july first.  they are calling in the krohn family comassion 5k and participants of all ages are free to walk, bike, run, whatever they want to do.  i am excited to support them and hear about their trip to meet nahome earlier this month. 

but right now, im still just a little bummed. 

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  1. Hey girl!
    I would love to be your running buddy, although, I'm pretty sure you'd kick my butt! I attempted to push my double stroller and just about died!
    I'm so proud of you and how far you've come girl!
    You've been my inspiration for running and getting into shape! So, thank you!
    I hope that I didn't hurt your feelings about the 5k. My friend had signed me up for it and was pushing me to do it.
    Running is hard for me, too. I have to run around Cory's early morning schedule and I usually lack motivation to do much else after that, so, believe me..I can sympathize with you.
    There is the St. Lukes race coming up in a few months and I would be honored if you'd do it with me:)
    Hang in there girlfriend.
    I'm proud of you!