Monday, June 4, 2012

self motivated!

i aired up the single jogger and georgie boy parked himself in it for an afternoon run.  that thing is a bear to push when youre used to a swivel front tire!  i remember how great it was compared to my regular double stroller when i first bought it, and while im still glad i have it, i am so spoiled by a swivel front. 

anyways, not the point.  i was self motivated and went at noon on a 2.75 mile run with georgie and while i walked about a half a mile throughout it, i did it in 12 minute miles!  (my first was in the 10s again too. well done me i say.) and because jason is running at work today, we will have our little evening to spend at home together tonight. 

amr challenge, june 4, 2.75 miles

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