Monday, June 18, 2012

the weekend

saturday: jason and i built the swing set, all day, in the sun.  but because that doesnt "count" as a work out, we also took a mile walk as a family around the train tracks after dinner at messenger. 

sunday: a 2.5 mile run to redbox and back at a 10:30 pace.  it was hot hot.  93 degrees hot. 

and today, i lack motivation for anything.  its super windy and im not feeling like taking the kids in the stroller out for a run just to be pushed back by every gust.  i will likely choose jillian after i put the kids to bed.  because i know its the right thing to do.  jason wont be home till 9 or 10 as he is riding with dave after work today and they tend to go for at least an hour and a half.  right now im looking forward to thursday when im taking the kids to the zoo again, then going for a run and having lunch with jason at work. 

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