Tuesday, June 19, 2012

double stroller

running with a double stroller is hard work.  i am so grateful that jason pushes it when we go out together. 

i chose a warm bath and a book last night instead of a workout.  not the same endorphin rush, but just as much a mental boost.  but i made a deal with myself that if i took a rest day yesterday that i would definitely go early in the day today with the kids.  i put it off till after breakfast, and a load of dishes, and then i finally got dressed and everything together to take the kids in the double.

i ran up to the greenbelt so there would be shade and ducks to entertain the kids. i wanted to do five miles, but at the end of two i knew that would bee too much for my new stroller pushing arms and legs, so i turned back and finished at 3.75 miles in 46 minutes (and a .75 mile walk around the neighborhood).  its getting easier, but some times exercise is still just overwhelming.  coordinating times for meals, potty breaks, naps, bedtime, jason getting home from work, preschool pick up and drop off... it makes me want to just give up.  i know that having a set schedule makes it all easier, i just dont know what that looks like for me.  for now, it was a run at 11 am with two chatty kids in a double stroller.   

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