Wednesday, June 6, 2012

stay the course.

june 5, 2.88 miles (a trip to walmart and back for jasons rx and some apples.  and tape! i remembered the tape!) at a 10 minute pace!

i was nervous this morning about my weight.  ive seen it bounce back and forth all week, and while i know that can happen at the beginning its still frustrating.  but- last week i weighed 173.4 pounds, and this morning i weigh 172.  a loss of 1.4 pounds.  that is just fine! im looking forward to the next few weeks as i see significant change.

i finished off acts a couple of days ago.  the middle of that book was a bit hard.  i dont really understand the significance or have interest in pauls travels back and forth.  i did really enjoy the ship wreck though.  so many things would be different if he hadnt asked for audience with caesar.  it was really interesting.  since then ive moved onto to romans (because its what pastor is preaching on now) and boy does it have a tough start.  paul gave some meaty words to the church in rome, and ive had to take my time to get through it.  ive enjoyed it, but its not what i expected either. 

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