Thursday, June 14, 2012

2 miles

jason made time last night for me to run without a stroller after he got home.  too bad i had just finished dinner.  i went out anyways, knowing it would be a short run, and did a mile around the block.  my fastest in months, i ran a 9:35.  i also really wanted to throw up and kept thinking of amr's tmi tuesday post on facebook about where to vomit if the need arises.  not exactly distracting.  i finished up with one more loop and called it good. 

figuring out just the right schedule for everything is really hard.  i have finally found meal times that work best for the kids and i so that i am not working as a short order cook all day long, and now dinner conflicts with my run timing.  i know it will work out, its just time consuming to get the right schedule nailed down, and then making sure everyone sticks to it. 

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