Sunday, June 3, 2012

amr challenge update and a 6 week plan

this run at this pace: 12:36 min/mile average with a 10:38 to start and a 10:50 to finish, was a really fun run. 

jason and i took the kids out to nampas crowded greenbelt this evening and eeked five miles out of it.  its hot, i didnt get enough water throughout the day and we took off much faster than ive been running, but it was a nice run.  i would do it again in a couple hours if we could i had so much fun. 

other news, i asked how serious jason is about dropping ten more pounds as i have been mulling over the idea of taking on these twenty with some fierce sincerity.  ive got 6 weeks till i hit 2 years, and i would LOVE to be back down by then.  (also, my shorts i bought last summer would fit again!) so, i think i may tip his wishy washy in my favor and go all in for 6 weeks.  its a long time, a lot can happen if we hit it hard.  it also takes him all the way to the triathlon hes looking at running this year.  im giving a couple days for it to sink in before i make it official. 

june is looking like a good month. 

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