Monday, June 25, 2012

17 miles

wednesday: after that long never ending morning, jason and i put in 3.8 miles with the kids before bed.

thursday: i trekked kids into the zoo again, and planned for a run.  we did 5 scorching hot 93 degree miles before a 3pm lunch of bad boys burgers and fries.

friday: off

saturday: 3 mile walk late around the neighborhood with the kids.  we put it off until the swing set was built, water toys had been played with, and the dirty little monkeys were hosed off and jammied for the night.

sunday: i put in 3 hot miles at 8pm, still 83 degrees.  my first at 9:15, faster than my fastest mile earlier this month.  i finished it in 31:38, so times improving.  now to work on my heart muscle and lung capacity so that my upper body can hold on as long as my legs.  my legs feel good! itching to go farther.  its the rest of me that just cant seem to keep up.  also, 80s is too hot to be out running. just too hot.

monday (thats today): i did a vbs drop off and loaded georgie into the double to run around the rec center path at 9am.  my heart and mind werent in it, and while i pushed out a half mile, i opted to walk the rest and finished up at 2.25 miles. im not sure if its was the third day on, the new schedule of kid pick up/drop off/pick up/drop off/pick up again or what.  but i wasnt feeling it.  or maybe the half flat tire on the double. anyways, i need to figure it out. i want to even. 

thats 17.13 miles in 6 days, and even though its not what i hoped for, its enough.

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