Monday, June 11, 2012

the weekend

thursday:  zoo with the kids.  what fun, and loads of walking.  then the park, a walk to coffee with heidi, and after that a walk to the swim area at lucky peak with jason.  and i made him run sprints with me on the way back to the car.  it was a really good day. (i mean, zoo, coffee, and dinner out in boise for 25$ is not a bad day!)

friday night: jason helped chaperone at the church open gym, so i left him with the kids and went to the real gym.  i had a horrible mile in the treadmill, and finished it up with another mile on the elliptical.

saturday: farmers market, rain and cold.

sunday: we did lawn care in the afternoon, so i hoed the garden and pulled weeds for an hour or so, then emma helped me give jack a bath.  it was outdoor evening service at church, so jason and i ran the kids in and pick-nicked at church for dinner.  then another run home for 4 miles total at an 11:30 average pace. my calf/shin has been hurting this week, so im nervous on runs.  i babied it a lot last night.  im hoping its just shin splints in a different place than i remember. 

so there it is, an active weekend. 

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