Tuesday, July 19, 2011


its finally happened. i am so stressed that my body is fighting back. my hair is coming out and i have acne for the first time in years. yesterday i caught myself stress eating. i did not run my 4 miles yesterday. i could have asked someone to watch my kids, but i didnt. and jason didnt get home from work until 930 last night.

i am snippy with my kids, i am not sleeping well, (last night i finally decided to take some benadryl in order to get some sleep. trouble is, i have weird dreams and a hard time waking up when i take it. but the 8 hours of sleep might still be worth it...) i am not eating well or exercising as i ought to.

in sunday school this week we watched a video from skit guys, there was a line in it about feeling as if we have let God down. the actor playing God replied "you could never let me down, because i hold you up."


  1. I have lots of extra hair. You can borrow some of mine. <3

  2. hang in there. keep pushing forward. take a breath and use running as a release to the stress instead of it being an added stress. when you run just push it all out.