Sunday, July 31, 2011

a legacy of athleticism

is that the right word? im not sure, but you get what im going for, right?

jason and i have been talking a lot lately about the difference in our lives. tonight it was about his 7 mile run. i told him, its just 7 miles, youll be fine. he laughed and said what a difference that now we say "just 7 miles." a year ago, that was a killer. his 6 miles were rough last august for his last triathlon, and the farthest id run in recent years (and possibly ever) was when i was running with heidi (was emma around? now i dont remember, but i think so...) and we went 2-4 miles at a time. 7 would have killed me. but not now.

growing up, he played a lot of team sports. he was athletic in high school and in college. i played volley ball for all of jr high and half of high school, and as an early adult i had a pretty active life walking around for shopping or errands in eugene. but neither one of us had active parents. athletics were a part of team sports in school and they stayed with that time in our lives. that wont be the case for our kids.

george and emma, and whatever kiddos are still to come have parents who are intentionally physically active on a regular basis for the purposes of good health, and enjoyment! its not just about loosing weight (thats maybe the spark, or the first draft, but not the whole story, or the coals the keep the fire hot) its about finding something active that we enjoy, and making it an integral part of our daily lives.

we have been doing a lot of studying lately in several different parts of our lives (college classes for jason, run training, injury, weight management and healthy eating for me, bible study together and apart, leadership through role modeling with the teens) and have noticed changes take place over the last year in our attitudes and parenting and so many things. not a very eloquent sentence, i know, but im having a hard time putting a feeling into words. its just been pretty great to make these changes now, and to know that the impact they have on our kids will be a lasting one.

whew. okay, that said, i did level 2 again today. that makes 3 days in a row. its pretty tough, but in a good sort of way. the plan is to do it again in the morning with jason as we start our first week (of 3) of summer. we are testing out a couple new schedules and morning work outs are one of them.


  1. you guys are an inspiration to me! that is so great!

  2. I get it. I so get it. This is how I feel about education - school to my mom seemed like daycare (that we still had to be good at?) whereas between Simon and I, we focus on being self-led learners who learn things and grow constantly as people. We want our kids to want to learn. But I like the idea of a legacy of athleticism too. Getting out and about for fun (though I think we'll go hiking... I loved that as a kid) :D