Monday, July 18, 2011

9 miles

on saturday i went for a run. a thunder storm was rolling in and the kids were kind of asleep, so i left jason to watch them and left earlier than usual. i did my 2 mile loop for the first 6 miles, and i was getting tired. i decided to do the 1 mile loop in my neighborhood for the last three. at 7.25 my ipod died. i just caught a glance at the time before the battery was completely gone. with luck, i was close to home so i came in and swapped for jasons watch to finish out the run.

i had wanted to bump it an extra mile and do 10, because jason and katie both did 10 saturday, but after that break at home for a couple minutes my legs were so dead. i finished up right at 9 miles, 1:47 minutes. the longest i have ever run before.

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