Wednesday, July 6, 2011

camping and working out

well, we arent really camping. its more of a plush condo with hotel suite sized rooms that happens to be near a camp site and fishing. but, im working out this week because i promised i would. last evening katie and i did the 30 day shred together in my room upstairs, and in a little less than an hour we are going on another run. 4 ish miles, or however far 45 minutes takes us.

i weighed myself this morning (yes, i packed the scale, and have stepped on it 3 times in the last week to help stay on track) and i weigh 156.4 pounds, for a gain of 0.2 pounds. its been a good week full of lots of different physical activities to keep me moving (a lot more walking than usual), but i havent had control over my food. we stopped to eat out on the way over friday and saturday, sunday and monday we had camp food and fast food again. im sure the different foods ate up the extra calories that i had burned. but- andie shopped for us for this week at the camp site and got some really great food. ive been eating pretty well since we got here monday night and expect a better number next week.

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