Wednesday, April 20, 2011

i have nothing interesting to say.

its been a long day and its only 330pm.

this morning i weigh 163.6 pounds, thats 1 pound up from last week. its about what i expected. i am going to have to work really hard for these last 15 pounds and right now im trying to pay more attention to adding distance and running than to the numbers of weight loss. i do have a plan full of fresh veggies and green tea, but it also happens on sunny days spent playing with my children rather than dreary sleep deprived days disciplining two fighting toddlers.

point: i am unmoved by my weight this week. also, my arms are sore. so im pretty sure the wrist weights and free weights yesterday will work out quite well for me.

now i have five loads of laundry to fold before my kids wake up for a lucky second nap.

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